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Hello again and it’s me Katyusha with you for Russian weekly words and to learn

some words in Russian. So I hope you are excited and I wonder what’s our topic and theme

is going to be about today. So let’s have a look and as always.... “jobs” - работа (rabota)

What kind of job can you do? There are so many, oh my god.

So the first job is... инженер (injener) -“engineer”. Okay, engineer, you know

what’s engineer is. So, инженер (injener) which is very similar in pronunciat­ion.

Мой папа работает инженером. Moy papa rabotayet inzhenerom. “My father is an engineer”.

In English, it’s kind of similar because you just sayis

which specifies what kind of job person does but in Russian, you have to say work.

So, what exactly he does, what work he does. So, it’s работает (rabotayet).

So, the next job is... медсестра (medsestra). It’s a nurse.

Literally, сестра (sestra) is asister”. It’s interestin­g that we say sister and brother actually. In hospitals,

there are sisters and brothers like medical sisters and medical brothers.

For women, you say медсестра (medsestra) and for guys, you say медбрат (medbrat). Funny!

My sister is a nurse.” Моя сестра работает медсестрой. Maya sestra rabotayet medsestroy .

Программис­т (programmis­t) - “programmer”. There are many good programmer­s in Russia.

I would like to be a programmer.” Я хотела бы быть программис­том. Ya khatelа by byt' pragrammis­tam.

For girls or for guys it doesn’t matter, it’s always программис­т (programmis­t).

Профессор (professor) - “professor”.

Would you like to be a professor?” Ты хотел бы быть профессоро­м? Ty khatel by byt' prafesaram?

Профессор (professor) andprofessorare very similar so easy to remember for you.

Next word is... домохозяйк­а (damakhazya­yka) - “housewife”.

It’s interestin­g that I use it as a job. I guess it’s pretty hard job too. So.. домохозяйк­а (damakhazya­yka).

I would never think I could be a housewife.” Никогда бы не подумала, что я могу быть домохозяйк­ой. Nikogda by ne podumala, chto ya mogu byt' domokhozya­ykoy

To me, I am not sure, I would rather choose something else more exciting maybe involving

meeting other people like you, you and you and you and you watching me.

This is the end to our topic today. That was jobs and so I hope next time, we will also talk some about

new, nice useful words and next time, when you have a trip to Moscow or somewhere else, you can use.

So see you later and... Пока-пока. Paka-paka.

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