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Oi gente! Tudo bem? This is Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese Weekly Words. Today’s

theme is In An Airplane. I was in an airplane only three days ago I just came back from

California, now I'm back, a little bit jet-lagged but strong to work. So, let’s go!

assento na janela "window seat"

Muitas pessoas preferem ter um assento na janela. "A lot of people prefer to have a window seat."

Right? Yay! We’re going up! Whoop whoop!

assento no corredor "aisle seat"

Se você tem um assento no corredor, fica mais fácil para ir ao banheiro. "If you have an aisle seat, it makes it easier to go to the bathroom."

cinto de segurança "seatbelt"

Por favor, não esqueça de colocar o cinto de segurança. "Please do not forget to put on your seatbelt."

primeira classe "first class"

Que sortudo! Você está na primeira classe. "How lucky! You're in the first class."

Just chilling, you know, first class.

aeromoça "flight attendant (female)"

Quando eu era pequena, eu pensei em ser aeromoça. "When I was little, I thought about being a flight attendant."

Yeah, it seems like really hard work. Sir, would you like tea or coffee? Nah, I don’t

need anything. See, there’re some people that are not nice, so, there you go, work hard,

flight attendants! I know it’s not easy, I’m cheering for you!

Acabou! Gostou da aula? Did you like the class? I hope so!

Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you soon.

Um beijo, tchau! If you’re trying to sleep and you get two

or three seats like me, put your feet in, so you don't get hurt, that's my advice for

you. Go, go, flight attendant, go!

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