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Okay! Welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha and this week we're going to look

at funny sounding words.

I’m afraidThe first word isdoodle”. “Doodleis a funny word because of the

way it sound, it just sounds funny when you say it. Drawing something with no plan, we

call that doodling So in a sentence: when I was a student, I

love doodling in my notebook. That’s a funny word.

hodgepodgemixture of a bunch of different stuff.

You might say, the dinner that I cooked last week was a real hodgepodge of the stuff I

had in my fridge.

Next isshenanigan­s”. “Shenanigan­s”, I like this word a lot.

I really like shenanigan­s. Kinda small tricks the my plan your family or your friends that

are just a little bit mischievou­s, not necessaril­y evil but just kind of tricky, or just to be

a little bit funny to play a joke on someone. Your parents will say,

enough with your shenanigan­s, go to your room, or something like that.

The next word isskedaddle”. “Skedaddleis a good word, it means to

leave quickly, to go, to go quickly. You've been may be at a coffee shop for too

long and you have to do something else, so you say to your friend, let's skedaddle, we

need to go to our next appointmen­t.

okay the next word ispersnicket­y”. “Persnicket­ymeans that you’re too

focus on the details, you really like that the small the whatever it is you're doing.

In a sentence, you might say, my aunt is a persnicket­y person, she always has to have

things a certain way.”

And that's the end, those are some funny words. Try to use them a little bit. Thank you very

much for joining us for weekly word this week, we'll see you again next time for more fun stuff. Bye!

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