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Hi there, and welcome back to Weekly Words. My name is Alisha, and today we're going to

talk about American pizza. Ooh, this is a good topic. Let's get started.

Alright, the first type of pizza is New York style pizza.

Wow. In my image, anyway, even after reading this, is that New York Pizza is just really,

really big. They're huge slices and people like to fold them in New York. There's lots

of marinara sauce, they're topped with a whole lot of cheese and the crust is usually not

super thick. So in a sentence, you might say to your friends, “Let's get some New York

style pizza for dinner tonight.” I'm already hungry.

California style pizza. I wasn't aware there's a California­n style

pizza. Thai inspired? Really? California style pizza, this is new to me actually, apparently

California style pizza is any pizza that doesn't use traditiona­l pizza ingredient­s. Traditiona­l

pizza ingredient­s would be marinara sauce, pepperoni, cheese, maybe black olives, and

the stuff that you find in pizza shops, maybe all over the world, I imagine. But California

pizza maybe uses, I don't know, chicken, variety of different vegetables, maybe fruits, different

cuisines like Thai inspired pizzas, and so on. “Have you checked out that new California

style pizza restaurant? It sounds good.” It does sound good.

And the next one I know.

Chicago style deep-dish pizza. Deep-dish as the name might suggest, Chicago

style pizza is much thicker than regular pizza. It could be a lot of sauce, it could be a

lot of cheese, a lot of whatever topping it is you choose, but it's just a really thick,

thick pizza. So in a sentence, “Chicago style deep-dish pizza is excellent with beer.”

Uh huh.

Hawaiian pizza. Hawaiian pizza is—this just refers to the

types of toppings—Hawaiian pizza is Canadian bacon or just ham, and pineapple. This was

my brother's favorite style pizza growing up and I've always hated it. So in a sentence,

My brother's favorite pizza was Hawaiian pizza.” Maybe it still is.

Quad City-style pizza what is that? A thin crusted dough with a—ooh that sounds good.

Quad City-style pizza has a thin crusty dough, then, in the sauce there are red chili flakes

and ground cayenne. So it's probably a little spicier than your average pizza, and then

the pizza's cut into strips, not squares, not triangles, but long strips. In a sentence,

I really want to try Quad City-style pizza.

End. that's the end. I am very hungry now and maybe you are too, so go out and see if

you can find one of these pizza types and give them a try. Thank you very much for joining

us for Weekly Words this week and I will see you again next time. Bye.

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