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do you need an apartment do you need a

new place to live

chances are sometime in your life you

will have to find an apartment or a new

place to live it is not an easy thing to

do especially in English so I'm here to

help you I will go through some terms

that might make it easier for you to

find an apartment or a condo or a place

to live in a foreign country I'm going

to teach you this lesson and I need to

tell you that this is for Canada and

America in the UK they will use

different vocabulary so this is

exclusivel­y for North Americans welcome

renting an apartment the very first

thing that you're going to want to

inquire about or ask about is rents you

want to know how much the place is per

month so you can just ask them well you

don't need to ask them they usually

write it down if you're looking on the

internet or in a paper and they tell you

how much the rent is per month so please

be aware this is per month not for one

year which would be nice so in Toronto

it's very expensive the rent is very

expensive depending on the area so

typical rent maybe $1,200 per month not

a year okay they may want you to sign a

lease basically signing a lease is a

contract it guarantees that you will

live in this apartment for a specified

time leases are usually one year so this

is you are guaranteei­ng the person you

will stay in this apartment for one year

you can also have six months leases or

three months some places do not require

a lease I would recommend this if you're


Canadore to america for a short time try

and get one that is not release Solis

remember is a contract and it's a legal

contract with the rent they will

probably ask you to pay what we call in

Canada in America first and last first

and last means you must give them the

first month's rent that say example is

$1,200 and when you move into the

apartment you must pay them last month's

rent which is $1,200 so in your very

very first month you must give them

maptime $2,400 what this does is it

guarantees you or guarantees the owner

that last month's rent

is already paid so if you only stay for

one month you've paid for two so they

want you to stay for two months at least

okay so they will say first and last

required another thing they may ask you

for is a deposit because there are so

many apartments so many people looking

for an apartment if you are interested

in an apartment and it's very popular

they may ask you to put down a deposit

to save your apartment a deposit is a

small amount of money or a big amount

depending on the place that saves or

reserves your apartment for you so if

your rent was 1,200 maybe they will ask

you for a deposit of $200 now if they do

this please get aa receipt because you

don't want the person to take your money

you don't want to go back and go huh I

don't know where your money went make

sure you get a signed piece of paper

called a receipt

it shows how much you paid with your

name the amount and the person's name

very important a very very huge

developmen­t has happened in especially

Toronto there are these things called

condominiu­ms we never take the time to

say condominiu­m it's too long what we

say is condo so you can say I'd like to

rent a condo or I'd like to rent an

apartment does anyone know the

difference between condo and apartment

people think that a condo means it's

beautiful and there's a swimming pool ah

and a gym and heaven no a condo simply

means that you have to buy the unit with

an apartment you are going to rent the

unit so a condo is like buying a house

except it's in a building okay the other

thing that you can do is you can rent

someone's condo so for example if I had

a condo and I was going traveling for

six months what I would do is I would

put an ad in the paper and I would try

and rent my condo to someone so I can

make money when I'm away so you might

get a chance to actually live in a condo

it just means that someone's bought it

and it's not rented it's probably newer

and maybe the quality is not as good

please check it out so condo versus

apartment the only difference is that

condo is bought someone has purchased it

and they keep it forever until they sell

it maybe you don't want to live in an

apartment by yourself you can rent our

room not room share we do not say room

share it's not an English word you do

not say

in room chair no you don't you rent a

room we do not have one easy English

word for this if you rent a room this

usually means that there is a big house

and you actually rent one bedroom you

will share the kitchen maybe you share

the bathroom or you will share nothing

except your room no you're not going to

share your room that's ridiculous

so rent a room means you are renting a

bedroom in a house where you share the

other rooms bathroom kitchen and living

area if you like to do this where did I

go you may have a roommate or a

housemate now the difference between a

roommate and a housemate doesn't really

matter that much but in the true form a

roommate is someone who lives in the

same room as you and a housemate would

be someone who lives in the same house

so if you rent a room and there's six

other renters they would be your

housemates if you live in an apartment

with two rooms you would have a roommate

the very next thing and the last thing

that you have to know about renting the

apartment is what size of apartment you

want to get in Canada we have a bachelor

or studio this means it's tiny it's very

small a bachelor or studio apartment

does not have a separate bedroom it

means that you are living sleeping and

eating are all done in one room or you

could eat in the bathroom that's your

choice but you will have with your

bachelor studio your own bathroom you do

not share about them yes the next step

up is a junior one-bedroo­m now a junior

one-bedroo­m has one bedroom and a small

living space so this is really good

if you have a lot of shoes so you can

put all your shoes into one room a

bachelorís studio is good if it's only

for you and you don't have a lot of

things and furniture books if you want a

bigger place you're going to get a

one-bedroo­m a one-bedroo­m is bigger than

the junior one-bedroo­m junior being

small and there's one bedroom in a

bigger living space some condos now

advertise a one-bedroo­m plus den there

are other Bears know that then means a

very tiny room it can be used as an

office or it can be used as a TV room or

an entertainm­ent room some people also

can change this into a very tiny bedroom

so if you and your friend wanted to rent

a condo you could get a one-bedroo­m plus

den one if you would have a small room

the other one big and then we move up to

bedroom and a three-bedroom it's rare to

see a four-bedro­om but stranger things

have happened

if you need help renting an apartment

it's great to ask your friends maybe

your friend has a place for you or knows

of an apartment for rent you can use the

internet and you can check the newspaper

the way that I found my apartment is I

walked around oh and I saw a building

that had a sign that said vacancy on the

vacancy sign there's no e it tells you

what kind of apartment is available so

my my apartment building said vacancy

bachelor so I went I spoke to the

landlord and I got a place to live I

hope you get a place to live by

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