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hey excuse me

excuse me could you take our picture

banks are really appreciate­d

it's our first time here


it's not a real smile

you guys love each other you're on

vacation traveling the world yeah that's

great wish I could travel the world

wish I could have someone take our

picture I'd really smile

guys have every reason to smile you're


in the prime of your lives of you guys

are great

hold it right there

now that is a smile and one over again

Oh excellent one more one more beautiful

beautiful here look at you doing

fantastic what do you love most about

your wife she accepts me despite knowing

where did you meet on jury duty awesome

your country met the love of your lives

you guys are awesome

beautiful excuse me you get the most

sincere smiles out of people I've ever

seen you want to mix extra money

shooting stuff like this

army folks sorry to interrupt your

beautiful couple

models no would you like to get you have

to the most beautiful eyes I've ever

seen let's meet your eyes they're

gorgeous you're gorgeous and your dress

matches your eyes perfect man what do

you like most in all the world my

daughter she has the most wonderful

hello 310 cleaning EU Noonan how long do

I missed your driver's license on there

when you're not sure

how did you hear smile


ah sir where's Victoria you know work

here he was fired fired what do work


who this she did these why not girl fun

look at that

where is she

making sure you are awesome you're gonna

have so much fun on this trip the

stories are going to tell people when

you get back to the amazing I can't wait

I've always wanted to see Paris

I don't understand I tried everything

what happened when I was a little girl

my mother got very sick and she stayed

that way and over the years she just got

so sad that she forgot how to smile and

seeing her like that I couldn't smell

either and I didn't for years

but then one day a young man came up to

her and told her how beautiful she was

so beautiful that he wanted to take her

picture he made her smile

and suddenly after all those years she

got better

I knew it was you I looked everywhere

for you but I couldn't find you anywhere

I went to every garage and down i paid

every see they had but I couldn't find

you you paid for parking for me yes

because you are great

you are amazing no one has ever said

that about me before









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