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I'm here to get validated you you are


excuse me you have an amazing face

you've got powerful features man anyone

ever tell you that no listen you look a

little down and it may seem like

sometimes people don't understand you

but someday man someday people are gonna

see you for what you really are you you

really think so absolutely

you are great

validation because of you you are great

ma'am you have amazing cheekbones

yes we have a situation where so much

life experience I thought that people

don't appreciate but you you're not

patronizin­g the shops they're just

coming to see you in great shape we are

running a business here not a social

club that is a fantastic suit that

really flatters you you think so you

guys work so hard you are the backbone

that keeps this place running I always

felt like not really appreciate it are

so stressful I assume second most what

times people just don't see it now what

you do is so important you know I bet

the bus would love to meet you

you are great oh I provide hundreds of

jobs sustaining hundreds of families

that's huge

that's so good to hear most times I feel

like people don't recognize that I'm

just a big bad man on the hill not at


you give you know I know some people

would probably like to meet you

mr. president no matter what people say

about you you have still got a great

golf swing god bless you you do you have

a fantastic mustache

I bet Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck look

at you and get envious I'm not kidding

thank you

- Newman a man who is changing the world

with fruit parking and free compliment­s

very big your license is expired sir

that is why you're great at what you do

you are so sorry really you think so

you what is your secret I just love to

see people smile

it seems there is no one Hugh Newman

cannot make smile next

no one smiles in their driver's license

photo sir it's not allowed next next you

are amazing you are so efficient next

Victoria oh that's a beautiful name next

you take such good care of your

equipment they're lucky to have you

we're closed sir Victoria

I just want to see you smile

good night sir

where do I go for we don't validate sir


they match your eyes sorta

oh yeah the most beautiful eyes I've

ever seen need healthy to see you take

good care of yourself

that's awesome you're even a great pet

owner you're giving her full hours walk

most people wouldn't take the time but

you care have you ever smiled yes when

when I was a little girl oh I bet you

had a beautiful smile what happened to


next anyone you know

there's color and white

next I just wanted to see you smile I'm


next I'm here to get validated please

you're okay I guess okay did you say

okay yeah you're fine

don't you have anything else to say

it's employed

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