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hello my name is Ronnie today and teach

you about bad things called accidents

accidents happen

oops accidents are things that you can

never plan and they happen not for any

reason maybe but you can never plan an

accident because it wouldn't be an

accident um a lot of people when they

tell me about an accident

get the grammar a little bit right it's

funny so people say for example a car my

car attacked a tree Wow

let me attacked my car that's a crazy

zombie tree you cannot say that a tree

cannot get out of its roots and it

cannot walk around the moon the top part

of the tree can move but it's not going

to attack your car I promise this is

possessed um so today this is accidents

we have things that happen to you or

your body and things that happen in a

car when you are driving carelessly um

the first one is about your bones now

bones or bonus other things in your body

that are very hard huh bones are hard

and they are very difficult to break you

have I don't know how many bones you

lots of bones in your body and they're

the hard part inside your body you can

however break them with enough force I

broke my collarbone right here broke it

I was skiing down the little hill in

Japan my ski came off and smashed my

collarbone into pieces

it hurts it really hurts oh I can say I

broke my collarbone collarbone is the

part of your neck here where your collar

is um you can break any bone in your


so you can say I've broke which is the

past a break you can't say I break you

have to use the past tense you could say

I broke my leg this thing's ulay I broke

my arms I broke my toe I'm going to draw

you a picture of it so I can't show you

myself right now throw things

oh oh oh oh here you go on your feet oh

okay this is a dinosaur toe it's fine

the toe are the foot fingers the things

on your feet that have the toes okay um

and then on your hands

there are fingers I know in a lot of

languages you call toes foot fingers

that's so cute

but up in English the things on your

feet are called toe or toe gusoff the

pronunciat­ion is with the Z but it's

both with an S to say toes and the

things on your

and one is a finger and plural we say

fingers both of these sound like is

sound at the end so we have posed which

sounds like those and the pronunciat­ion

only not smelling his fingers for

literal so you can break your fingers

you can break your toes or you can break

one of them the next one is talking

about car accidents or bicycle

motorcycle accident please don't have an

accident okay um so you can say I

smashed or I crashed into something I

crashed into a tree I did that once

I was driving my parents card I squashed

into the tree oops

um crashed and smashed and basically the

same word you can also say hits so

crushed smashed and hit or collide it

means that you hit something the

pronunciat­ion of these words in the past

because because it is a Shh sound is

going to sound like it so I smashed it

alright crushed into something into a

building to a tree into a house or you

can also say I hit I am cat oh um maybe

you're driving down the street and you

hit cat don't hit cats it's not very

nice um you can hit a cat you can get a

dog you can do it

a squirrel does it ever

squirrel don't hit the squirrels the

next thing that is very difficult for

two reasons one one's a verb and one's a

noun verb now the other difficult part

is the pronunciat­ion of these words so

if it is happening now we're going to

use the verb in the present tense we're

going to say I am or I'm bleeding so

let's say that I cut my heart my mistake

oops by accident and blood big-boob is

dripping out I would say I'm bleeding

this is only for now okay if it was past

if it was yesterday you can say I bled

that's a hard word to say bled so this

word is bleeding in the past tense is

bled past tense and this I told you is

now and it's the present continuous


um the noun is very difficult to

pronounce as well this is called blood

it's difficult because you have the book

and uh and so it's not flute it looks

like it should be blue but it's actually

I'll spell it like this blood thinking

thinking so blood if you say blah blah

kog'maw blood is the noun so blood is

what comes out of your body and it's red

vampires do we have any vampire viewers

out there you guys like to drink blood

all right have a cup of blood for me

I'll see you next time bye bye


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