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do you love Italy as much as we do well

either is a great place with so much to

see and do and taste and Italian is a

lovely language but are you always 100%

sure how to pronounce these words let's

have a look

well if you've ever hesitated when

ordering food from an Italian menu

because you weren't sure about the

pronunciat­ion then this course is for

you welcome to speak Italian like an

italiano the most comprehens­ive course

on Italian pronunciat­ion whether you

simply like to eat Italian restaurant­s

or whether you're planning a trip to

Italy if you're a student of Italian or

perhaps an opera singer or whether

you're interested in all things Italian

this program will help you in this

course you will learn how to pronounce

Italian words correctly how to read and

write anything in Italian and how to

sound more like an Italian when you

speak Italian we'll also look at all the

sounds in the Italian language from

vowels to the dreaded are tricky

spelling and confusing letters word

accent and overall intonation so that

your sentences sound really good and

authentic so that by the end of the

course you'll be able to read and

pronounce stuff like that now this

course is not a language course so you

won't be learning Italian per se but you

will still pick up more than 200 words

doing the practice activities so what's

inside speak Italian like in italiano is

made up of over 40 lectures built around

18 core lessons each lesson has a live

instructio­nal video where I'm there on

camera sharing all the informatio­n with

you using my big whiteboard then you

find a downloadab­le mp3 that you can put

on your phone or your mp3 player and use

it to revise the lesson anywhere you go

and then there's a downloadab­le PDF

document with the lesson notes that has

a very short summary of the lessons

content along with any Talent word that

I mentioned in the video and it's

English translatio­n its core lesson with

the exception of the first one also has

a practice video these videos are short

between two and four minutes usually but

really helpful and interactiv­e words

will appear on the screen one at a time

and you will have a few seconds to read

them out loud then I'll come up and

pronounce the word in Italian so you can

check your pronoun

see Asian you can then download the

matching PDF document which of course

doesn't have my pronunciat­ion of the

words but it can really be helpful to

expand your vocabulary as each practice

video has between 10 and 30 new words so

Who am I well my name is ma Liu and I'm

a doctor in translatio­n from Italy and

an Italian teacher at a local university

in Australia anyway let's look at those

initial words again bruschetta

Tigertail fit to Gina prosciutto latte

ciabatta juicy pear and Capri so if you

want to be able to read any Italian word

correctly and sound really good when you

speak Italian go ahead and enroll now so

I press stop


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