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welcome to the brand new Spanish pod website you may notice that it

looks a lot different than before we've

been gathering feedback from you the

listener and made a lot of changes to

make it easier for you to master Spanish

you've come to Spanish pod

because you want to learn Spanish right

the new site makes it easier to find the

lessons that are just right for you in

this video I'll show you just how easy

it can be

I just logged in and among the my

account page at the top of the page

there are three ways to access the

lessons getting started browse lessons

and newest lessons if you're brand new

to the site we recommend going to the

getting started page we've made it

easier for you to determine where to

start and what lessons are best for you

you can choose to either browse the

lessons by level or browse the lessons

by profile let's start with browsing by

level under choose your level we have

four different choices absolute beginner

beginner intermedia­te and advanced each

level has a brief descriptio­n to help

you decide where to start if you're

still not sure which level to choose you

can click on one of the levels and find

out more you can also choose to browse

the lessons by student profile a new

feature we've added under each profile

we recommend a series for you to start

with along with some reference materials

and lessons from our site for example

under the student profile we recommend

starting with the absolute beginner

level we also recommend taking a look at

the verb conjugatio­n and word dictionary

reference materials mix and match

profiles to suit your personal learning

goals now once you've determined where

to start you can take a shortcut to the

Browse lessons link all our lessons are

listed on this page and organized by

level we've also organized our lessons

by date if you click on the newest

lessons link you'll find all of our

lessons listed from newest to oldest

it's like an ongoing feed of all our

published lessons if you're interested

in videos you'll find those under this

easy to find tab video lessons all of

our videos will be listed on this page

and organized by level remember we're

always adding new content so be sure to

check back often well that about wraps

up this tutorial on how to choose your

language level in the next video I'll

show you all the new lesson features

we've added and how they make learning

Spanish even easier we'd love to hear

your feedback on the new Spanish pod send your comments to contact us

at Spanish pod

take full advantage of the new Spanish

pod with twenty percent off

basic and premium subscripti­ons use

coupon code facelift at checkout


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