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hi everybody today we're gonna be

talking about yet another grammar topic

this one is yet another one of those

modal auxiliarie­s this one is called

zulan zulan is the version of should or

to be supposed to in English and let's

go ahead and start with the conjugatio­n

like we have with the other ones so

first one on here is a which is a soil

do joist

rzs oil via zahlen eeeh salt zzz Orlan

for each one of these again you'll

notice that the AC and Ayers es forms

are the same and the only thing that's

weird happens in those two forms for

this particular verb because there's no

ohm Lao and you don't have a stem change

and it's not nearly as strange as some

of the other ones but anyway zahlen

means should or to be supposed to in

section 2 were supposed to translate the

following sentences from English to

German first one here says Hans should

clean the living room so we start off

with the idea that Hans doesn't change

is still Hans cuz we don't change his

name just because it's a different

language should in this case is gonna

have to be conjugated to go with Hans

which means Zod the word to clean the

one that I'm gonna use anyway is alpha

Lyman which is to clean up in this case

we're gonna have to shove it to the end

of the sentence because we have solid in

the sentence and then we're gonna have

to put in the direct object the living

room with das von Zima in between the

modal auxiliary and the infinitive at

the end of the sentence so our full

sentence ends up reading out as Hans

soiled us bones Emma Alf climbin Hans

should clean the living room number two

I should eat vegetables we start off

with the idea that I is a in German then

we have the conjugatio­n of zahlen to go

with I which would be Zod and then eat

has to be shoved to the end of the

sentence as the infinitive form which

would be the verb Essen and then

vegetables in German which is GU Musa

goes in between the modal auxiliary and

the infinitive at the end of the

sentence a Kazhagam Musa Essen I should

eat vegetables

no matter hi it is supposed to rain


normally this would probably be used

with the subjunctiv­e form but let's

just hypothetic­ally say that it's not

for today okay first off we need to know

that it it in this case is gonna have to

be s supposed to is going to be

translated as zahlen but we have to

conjugate that to go with it which in

this case is s so we have s Zod

then we have when it's supposed to rain

in this case today whitea and then at

the end of the sentence the verb to rain

which is a ignant in its infinitive form

so the full sentence is s oil white

Agnon it should rain today or it's

supposed to rain today number four no

mafia Sophia should go to the store in

this one we start off with the idea that

Sophia doesn't change her name just

because she's speaking German and so we

say Sophia

then we have 2 conjugate zahlen to go

with Sophia which is the air Z s form


true the store would be the next thing

that we need in this sentence and I

chose the phraseolog­y of ending Latin

although there's probably other options

that you could choose here and the last

thing in the sentence we don't

necessaril­y have to have but we could

say at the end Guillen

so the full sentence is Sophia's oil in

day Laden gayen you don't really need to

have gain at the end of the sentence

because in Dain Laden already implies

that you're going into it

as opposed to just being in it but you

could at least say it at the end of the

sentence if you really wanted to know

Morphin the students should be nice

first of all we have to identify which

type of students we're talking about if

we're talking about high school age or

lower we're gonna need the word here d

Shula for the students if we're talking

about college-ag­e students we're gonna

be using the word shrew Denton at any

rate that's still gonna be plural so the

conjugatio­n of zahlen is always the same

it's still just as all in for the z form

net is the way that we need to say nice

and then zine at the end of the sentence

for the form of to be which is the

infinitive form sign t Shula or dich to

Tenten zahlen net sign the students

should be nice number six Noah's ex we

should go to the movies we is always

translated as via if it's not it becomes

us in English or UN's in german should

in this case is going to have to be


with via which is zahlen true the movies

in German is in ski no literally into

the theater and then go at the end of

the sentence in the infinitive form

which is gayen via zulan in ski no

Guillen we should go to the theater that

was even you plural in formal which

would be the ear form should eat carrots

you should eat carrots eeeh is the form

that we need to begin with then we have

2 conjugate zulan to go with ear which

is soiled years old

kal cotton or a Mohan Essen Merlin is a

different version of cotton but it

depends on where you live in order to

figure out which version of cotton you

actually are you gonna use but Essen has

to go at the end of the sentence no

matter what no marked you singular

informal should do your homework

if the singular informal we would have

to use do so we start a sentence with

two and then the conjugated form of

Zelan that goes with that joist and then

your homework Dinah house off cabin and

in the verb to do at the end of the

sentence as the infinitive maken do

solace Dinah house off cabin maken you

should do your homework there's the same

problem that we had with Conan whenever

we're talking about zahlen and that is

that it could also be translated a lot

of the time with the subjunctiv­e mood

which would be like zalta and a few

other weird little things that happen

but for the purposes of this particular

exercise we're just going to say that

these are all things that are in the

present indicative instead of saying it

as the subjunctiv­e so for those Germans

who are out there who are gonna tell me

that I'm wrong because of all of these

sentences and bla bla bla

well yeah I get that it should probably

be subjunctiv­e for most of them in fact

the sentence that I just said if they

should probably be that's actually

subjunctiv­e in both languages but anyway

if you're one of those people

congratula­tions you're right but there's

nothing I can do about that because

we're talking about the present tense

indicative at this point and so we are

gonna have to wait on the whole

subjunctiv­e thing until some other time

in the meantime for those of you who

don't know what I'm talking about

think of it this way if you mean that

you should do something and there's no

and ifs or buts about it that means that

you should be using the forms that I

used in this video if there's a

hypothetic­al specifical­ly like you're


of the future events if it's supposed to

be doing something or it should maybe if

something else happens then you're gonna

be using the subjunctiv­e which is not in

this video so anyway now that I've got

that little disclaimer covered I'm gonna

go ahead and say my outro by now see

some stuff click some stuff look at the

video and some other stuff whatever you

want to do and click some buttons bye


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