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everything­'s okay I'm just trying to wag

my yeah I just thought there was someone

breaking into my house but in the end I

think it was just a dream hey Ari all

this is hello from that can you tell me

what that's I mean I think you should

you ever have a nightmare of course you

did so tell me about it you know what

would be weird green the sausage came

and ate you you're the weirdo leave me

alone that's the book i'm reading at the

moment it's called rose madder very good

book i think so far at least so my

question is I have you read a good book

lately or

at the moment sheen of drunken August

coffee iced tea cause of the made by the

devil hey this is a low from the Batman

um again I was able to sleep and yeah

mmm I didn't really sleep in these

clothes as you can imagine I thought it

would be nice to do with the old law for

my bad because you know re ollie hello

from the bicycle hello from the bad hats

like the same letters somehow age Abby

hill from the bird bird bird is a good

poor title Wow anyhoo can't really do

much especially because i'm bound to the

back now for this video at least now you

haven't seen this year not mine perhaps

I can

this is my bad this mccastle no way if

you want to hassle me too old spiderman

spiderman does whatever a spider game

since when any scientist what bad no

hanging from ceiling

hey brother want to show me your back if

you want show me your bad and stuff yeah

don't forget to tell me about your

nightmares I marriage the fucking creepy

or if they are to Q they're even more


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