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by my Liebling yeah I don't become it's

been my style ancient is it is i might

nibbling yeah the show about you your

comments channels questions and really

everything concerning you first up Simon

Lee play yeah comments the first comment

comes from Alex 00 or Alex eternity or

something like that a voodoo end of this

most exact that's to dig here in England

our heads even though you're German you

act like Britt well I really don't know

what you mean by that soccer song girl

hmm football football just kidding there

next to come at our comes from Anna or I

am not really sure how to pronounce the

last name or the first name so I just

suspected it's Anna I niggaz actin

finish much so much we drink if that I

system vodka on essays on ice or no

Devon foolish my droid what man Papa at

the Sigma dialog but its best at septus

to the whole can I called ring a comment

is in relation to my 10 German ways to

sober up video where I said that the

counter via the contact

does not work and when you're hungover

to make you feel better and she says

that I think some things are nonsense

for example I during 30 grams of vodka

and eat cream ice cream whatever on

something like that i had only then I

feel well and my dad eats something with

solid anyway she thinks that alcohol

actually helps so maybe that's a Russian

thing that your system works differentl­y

because you're used to so much more I'm

sure I don't want to offend anyone by

saying that but it's just kind of fact

for me the Russians drink quite a lot of

vodka and well they they just adjusted

to it maybe by now their body thinks

it's secure for them every time they are

over who knows who knows I'm just a

German I'm just a humble German we don't

drink much at all blue but happy eight

to one wants to know you imagine ow well

yes I am it's really hard for me

actually as a German to completely go

without me and especially on Christmas

and New Year's it was so hard to not dig

into the duck or that chicken that was

right in front of my nose like smelling

delicious but I thought you weren't for

like four to five months without me so

far and you don't really crave it on a

normal day so if you eat it now it's

kind of like you defeated and I didn't

really want that so I just well I just

keep on going and yeah i'ma let you know

I am vegetarian actually and then trying

to eat vegan most of the time it's hard

because there's milk powder and almost

everything and about impractica­l vegan

so if there is milk powder and something

that I really want but that is also

vegetarian then I say ah doesn't matter

so yeah practical vegan / vegetarian

that's me the next comment comes from

dias in marathi or something like that i

tried my best where'd sweden were you

did you visit my mother left

and back then when I was like 14 15 i

went on a canoeing trip with my buddies

van and as some of you might know from

the resolution­s video that i posted not

too long ago well and I don't remember

sadly where exactly we were I just

remember that there were a lot of Dixie

toilets a lot of non water toilets and

we were pretty far from any City I think

or maybe it just seemed to me like we

were because i only ever solved forests

and campsites and that's pretty much all

i saw of sweden like I saw the nature

apart not really the city part I just

remember one time we were in a

supermarke­t there and my stereotype my

stereotype was completely fulfilled all

the Keshe ladies were blond and looked

pretty much the same yeah that's a Syria

type right there then next comment I'm

and calm fun James Manning vuko I would

like to know how much English did you

know when you started watching anime in

English I'm into that too so I wanted to

know how hard or easy I can understand

it right away well I knew quite a bit

already like the basic sentence

structures and everything like that my

problem was mostly to understand all the

vocabulary all the words that's why I

watched it basically to increase my

vocabulary I looked everything up i

didn't know on the internet while I was

watching the anime and that helped me

quite a bit i would say and yes so i'm

not really sure how much of what

actually i am sure that it would help

you but i don't know how much you will

understand right away so i guess just

try it all until you go their names to

comment on comes from jen giong i hope

that was wrong in korea we use a lot of

german words for example we use

part-time job as a bite top way can

drink beers we use as whole and

sometimes car as auto that's pretty cool

I didn't know that and I'll bite it's

exactly the same job wolf means yard in

German so that's a bit different the way

you use for and hour to his car so

that's pretty neat that you use driven

words I never knew I mean I guess the


people use German words as well at

kindergart­en or schadenfre­ude and stuff

like that sometimes so yeah I should

have anticipate­d it but I never heard

about that so thanks for sharing

Kenshiro would like to know do you ever

forget which language you're speaking in

I have a preacher friend who prefers to

preach in German and let his wife

translate into English during sermons

but I've seen him switch to English and

get confused with his wife stop

translatin­g what he said she tell him he

was speaking in English he'd lab and go

back to speak in German I happens to me

all the time today my uncle came over

and my dad felt the need to tell the

story where I talked English to him

instead of German at one time and it

actually happens quite a lot but with my

dad just one time and so well I just

came from talking to blue all day in

English my girlfriend and then I

switched back to German I thought but I

didn't I just kept on talking in english

and i was like he was like oh what wait

so there that happens this door said ok

I've come to accept that beard you seem

to produce more cool videos when you

wearing hey well you have thanks for

that um I kind of like my beard I don't

know what you what you able have like at

first I started wearing it from a

girlfriend but now I've grown gonna fun

time oh ho ho ma seriously I like it and

I might keep it for a while longer so

get used to that the next acomodar comes

from love death I Orlov toffee mint choc

Pringles equals just wrong least like a

cage bars ill I agree mint choc Pringles

are not recommenda­ble at all the

cinnamon version is a bit better the

good night like they release these

Christmas versions in Germany and one is

mint and one is cinnamon it and they

both grows but the cinnamon version is

just a bit better it tastes more like

cake then actual chips so yeah you

wouldn't really crave that flavor when

you want chips so I don't know what they

fell it when they invented that no idea

k now no Denise tacoma that comes from

newark angel and she said to become and

becoming that confused me so much when i

first started learning German who saw

the ambien to come and

get big become an in German that

confused me so much yeah i agree let

confused to be quite a lot as well

because you are used to saying zonta the

comedy I'm your shame on sunday i will

get a present so if you switch to

English you think become means the same

as the common but it doesn't so we would

say on Sunday I become a present so you

are going to transform it to a present

on Sunday and we think it means get a

present so that is kind of confusing

that always confused me first and by now

i know it but it took me quite a while

now see a Shinigami wants to know did

you grow a beard for november just

wondering yes i did it started out as a

no shave november / Movember thing and

now i'm keeping it for a bit like I said

get used to that NAC kimitaka comes from

mia gold telekinesi­s so i have the

ability to move everything as well as

myself to fly two birds with one stone

LMAO telekinesi­s is pretty sick pinkish

/ wants to know i strongly knee outtakes

when dogs night my litter oh I'm parma

tonight if I ever have outtakes and if I

do please include them into the video

well i usually i do if i had outtake

they just include them at the end of the

video sometimes I even like a make a

little announceme­nt of that in the title

of the video not every time so make sure

to watch the whole video and check out

the end because I produce quite a lot

sometimes when I'm really stuck with a

word or sentence or whatnot or just

something I do in the video and it just

doesn't work then I have to create or

then I automatica­lly create a lot of

outtakes so yeah they are in the videos

already if I captain sometimes

everything just goes smoothly and those

are my favorite videos but i know not

yours qui november says i canoed was

spent to sweden haha not playing on

stereo types at all there no I was not I

did not even think about that once when

I said that but now that you said it

it's pretty bad but my friend's name

happens to be slen I can't help that and

we canoed in Sweden yes I know what it

looks like and yes it was a lot of fun

anyways now makes the comment outcomes

from the Richard channel cool video

Dominic are you still student and if so

what are you studying I'm not a student

anymore i got my bachelor's degree not

too long ago in american and british

studies and sociology so yeah not a

student anymore at the moment just

working on youtube want to bring you as

many videos as I can so I'm dedicating

pretty much all my free time to that and

I'm really happy with that actually so

if I can in the future make a living off

that that would be great next up is I my

nibbling yeah patrons you guys are

awesome you guys are my patrons you

support me and now you will get a

shout-out I have a little list here with

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because and they're quite a lot already

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my French is terrible philippe genteel

hint hint here Nessa estado Tara

Schwartz and Steven O'Sullivan I do not

think that I've missed anyone here if I

did please forgive me I will shout out

your name in the next video but i think

i got everyone and i want to thank you

guys again you guys really keep get

romanized alive because without you i

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up is I my Liebling yeah channels this

time they are three channels that I want

to present to you obviously these

channels are from some of my subscriber­s

so that is one requiremen­t for me to

shout them out to you right now and

those guys have pretty awesome channels

so I didn't want to keep them from here

let's start with Emily bland emily is a

british / french artist / teacher who

currently lives in Berlin she's an expat

and that's why I think her videos will

benefit you greatly she will give you an

insight and what it's like for an

accident to live in Germany if you're

interested in that feel free to check

out her channel it's right here it's in

the video descriptio­n and her name is

Emily Blanche she makes vlogs tags and

other cool videos so check her out and

she's awesome our next canal is

classical is the way classical is the

way is the channel of a young lady who

plays all different kinds of instrument­s

apparently she plays the piano the

violin and I don't know if she plays

anymore but I have seen some of her

videos in which she played Christmas

songs and just covers of really really

cool stuff and she is so good and so

definitely check her channel out when I

first saw her I was wet whoa that is

really good and I really liked listening

to her Christmas covers as well I'm

really amazing so give her a channel and

try and to subscribe if you like she's

really great last but not least learn

German with Hampton happen to them is a

German teacher in America he teaches a

high school class and if i'm correct his

channel takes on a very interestin­g and

different approach when it comes to

learning german so check his channel out

Finley if you want a fresh approach

before example uses puppets as the

teaching method which is really fun this

channel is all about learning German

obviously it's about learning German

with puppets and learning German in

general and I think it's really great so

definitely check out his channel if you

want a fresh approach to learning German

make sure to subscribe to him and let me

know what you think of his videos same

with the others of course I want to know

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