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ah Lord via common some Fiat st. and

video fun time in touch today I'm going

to be talking to you about question word

order specifical­ly i'm going to be

talking about how to make questions in

German without using a question word

such as who what when where why and

those type of things I'll talk about all

of those words in a different video on

how to use them but I wanted to make

sure that I group them certain ways and

I wanted to make sure that certain

videos went with certain other videos

and so it's all part of the plan we'll

get there eventually I mentioned my

other video about word order the

generally statements start with the

subject then they have the verb and then

they have other stuff of some sort which

will get into at some point in a

question you start the sentence with

your verb the then you have your subject

and then the rest of your sentence

that's really the only difference so

that's it for today thanks for watching

up yeah should probably do some examples

and stuff hast du einen hunt yeah i

Sabbah einen hunt hottia in an hunt yeah

yeah hat einen hunt Xindi island film 9v

zayyan kind and film site yogesh vista

nein das is my domoto javed ze again

Felicia fragen 9 tosses ganoub theater

again this is not one of the more

difficult concepts of the German

language all you have to do is start

your sentence with your verb then have

your subject and then the rest of your

sentence however you would format that

with the rest of the word order rules

that you know so what I want you to do

in the comments down below is to ask me

some questions about me and the things

that I do and anything that you really

want to know and you can leave that down

in the comments down below not only will

I check your answers to see what kind of

questions you come up with and check

your grammar and all of that but I will

also be checking and answering those

questions that you asked this is your

vehicle ich alles variety danke shoe in

first su Chou and bist some next mile


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