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hello it will come to my patreon page

and my silencia from learn German get

germanized on YouTube first of all I

want to explain what this page is all

about so instead of Kickstarte­r where

your funding one big project all at once

by giving twenty or thirty bucks towards

it patron is a way to give one of three

dollars at a time in regular increments

like force a weekly YouTube videos which

I happen to do for people like me

Kickstarte­r doesn't really work so

Patrian is the perfect way for my

supporters to support me a little bit at

a time for instance I release three

videos each week that means you would be

tipping me for each video I release and

if you're afraid that you go over a

certain amount you can enter a maximum

amount that you're willing to pay each

month so yeah that you don't go over

that amount I've created this patreon

page so that you guys have the chance to

support the channel and enable me to

continue to bring you videos each week

preparing filming editing and planning

future projects takes a lot of time but

it's something I really love and want to

keep doing and now you have the

opportunit­y to help me do this I started

this channel as a hobby to improve my

own language skills and I would have

never believed that it grows into you

know what it is today it is just so

incredible to see how big they get

germanized community has grown and

continues to grow I just love seeing

people from all over the world coming to

my channel watch my videos learn German

and then connect with each other in the

comments it's just amazing every day I

wake up and the first thing I do in the

morning is to check your comments and it

just makes me so happy to see that there

are people from all walks of life out

there that are interested in learning my

language if you decide to become a

patron it won't be for nothing of course

there will be rewards that are often

which includes live Q&A sessions with me

and the other supporters shout outs and

private one-on-one google hangout or

Skype lessons for more details about the

rewards please check the patron page so

I hope you consider becoming my patron

and yeah supporting me a little bit at a

time thank you for watching don't forget

to get germanized goodbye end of V


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