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this is where you get your fortune told

good luck or bad luck and here goes

Dominic's on hi I'm boy what should I do



congratula­tions you got yourself

breaking the law really you have nothing

to go on always be on the trek in glory

and right after we step out the park

buildings nature and city intertwine­d

combined mr. robot doma look I as it

says Ida Shinjuku ITA in German means

old or I it means old another German

word right there vite means forest by

cinema for cinema forever 21 I wish I

wish oh the high school right there the

high schools right there yeah forever 21

the shopping mall right there

so that's not a good combinatio­n for

money-savi­ng know about a high school

girl out there go all my money I just

been shopping every day


I'm making the most of the weather why

it's not raining and then later maybe go

rocky how about tomorrow and then well

we'll see


see that building on the right or on the

Left I meant on the left see how it's

gold into the very top it's white that's

supposed to be beer that's beer filled

up and that's the foam up top on the

building on the left is supposed to

resemble beer as well but nobody really

knows how it's supposed to resemble beer

a lot of people resemble it as a golden

poop or the golden shit but both those

buildings are owned by a beer company

because I suburban here at burger king

called months the baby probably special

Halloween one comes with like orange tip

looks like sweet and sour sauce



this is a three it's like a pancake and

red bean paste and I think there's like

punk get in there yeah you should be or

not fucking why potatoes leave it there

yeah and they were the fruit you may

leave that in there some mochi flavored

ice cream up here multi vanilla and

everything like that


apparently this is meant to clean well I

don't know bad luck off you and stuff

like a real good


this is where you get your fortune told

good luck or bad luck and here goes

Dominic's on let the coin in shake the

box you know you gotta shake the box the

whole shake the fold that one take one

out okay let's see what you got so you

find this up here pull it out let's see

what you go regular fortune while

hunting with archery dried a bow gets an

animal without missing the aim you can

get a big deer like this you can get the

big fortune alright so you just get

regular fortune nothing special oh how

does it feel okay you take the very

fortunate this and put it back

everything will rise up in the sky and

gradually getting Brown you will get

household goods and your life will be

prosperous something you've left behind

will be completed in the end then you

will be able to be successful you wanna

get one no really here's to get on are

you scared that you get a bad pun you

didn't believe in it no I know oh don't

go napping okay you will trash most

definitely mine is the best fortune no

no I took your neck oh that's not yours

nope one is yours it's still best for

the same it's not yours what do you mean

it's not mine thanks you too everything

will be realized as if you look the

flowers from a palace Bonita LaSalle

treasures and vehicles will come to your

help mmm vinick's and vehicles yeah i

guess if somebody's gonna crash in your

apartment look good in burn your shit

yeah well you're riding on horseback in

high spirits everyone will praise you

everybody workers nice i wrote a real

quick so so go horse riding yeah she


you're right yes hadashi and here's

where the bad for truth go no can you

just get another unfortunat­e yeah yeah I

want to that looks I got the file at

last for two guys though so many

articles are kept around you you can't

get them in your head you may get

deficit in harm sometimes we were

careful the house was shirt so keep a

thick card around your house to believe

in God got yourself with deep care then

your first movie in peace forever your

request will not be granted the patient

will take a long time to cure the last

Attica will not be found here to wait a

long time until you meet a person she'll

be stopped building a new house remover

stop starting your trip stuff any kind

of marriage and any new employment


look at what you can do here in this

shop is you can rent go-karts and drive

them around the city and you can even

rent outfits with it like Mario or Yoshi

instead of like that it's so funny yeah

you can read these and drive around 24

yo teach you how to drive these but yeah

you can draw these its way up


a game where


gameboy games awesome super chemical

okay some game Carrie like internatio­nal

games those are really more expensive

but the majority of them are Japanese

fun hmm so stuff here you can't find

anywhere there's a dreamcast I have a

dream cast session I have a dream guy I

need games so that though they have

games here to be over there stairs I

they're recasting they had a limited

edition Pikachu n64 still in box hmm

nice like a hundred boys



blow the cake



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