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hi everyone today I want to take a

closer look at the online learning

system called

lingo des their website proclaims that

they are the online language school they

are based in Germany and were started by

a couple of German guys in Berlin this

means several things first and foremost

they don't consider themselves to be an

online learning program or system they

are an entire language learning school

this means that they can provide you

with everything you need to learn a

language secondly it means that since

they are based in Berlin they have

plenty of resources within their school

dedicated to helping you learn German

which is why you are watching this video

so let's get the big stuff out of the

way what does lingo to do for you lingo

des is a platform on which you can take

classes towards a certificat­e or simply

get tutoring from a German teacher all

of their teachers are native speakers in

the language that you want to learn you

can take classes as private lessons or

group lessons for ten group lessons and

one private lesson you'll have to pay 99

euros or a hundred and four dollars if

you upgrade to the pro package it's a

hundred and forty nine euros or a

hundred and fifty nine dollars and

you'll get fifteen group lessons and two

private lessons you will also be able to

create your own personal learning plan

which fits your schedule your goals and

your current learning level together to

make a cohesive plan of action for your

language learning at this level you can

also complete the coursework required in

order to get a c EF our certificat­e

indicating your level of mastery in your

target language if you upgrade to the

premium package you'll pay two hundred

and forty nine euros or two hundred and

seventy four dollars per month for 30

group classes and three private lessons

if you use the promo code h R Antrim one

you can get a 15% discount on your

subscripti­on at any level if you don't

want to pay that much right away but you

want to learn more about the system and

how it works you can book a one-on-one

private lesson I did this a few months

ago and my first impression was

fantastic my teacher talked to me in

German gave me an assessment rated my

German skills and talked about what I

needed to improve upon and what my

strengths were at the end of the session

she told me what level she thought I

should start out at and what my plan of

action should be with lingo des once

you've registered with lingo des for an

actual account you can start signing up

for classes this system is incredibly

easy to use you simply scroll through

the group

private class options you pick a time

and a topic that interests you

after that you simply click book and

confirm the class before your class

starts you should check to see if there

are any materials that you can download

these will be the same materials that

your teacher uses during the lesson and

it's a great idea for you to look over

them before your class starts so you

know what to expect and also so you can

prepare yourself in case you might have

any questions if you've booked a group


you'll have to log in with your lingo to

account in your web browser from there

you will see a link to join the class

when you click go to class you'll be

taken to an Adobe Connect classroom your

teacher will greet you introduce him or

herself and ask you to do the same this

is to find out what the level is

students in the group are and of course

to get to know you a little bit better

from that you will then go on to a

presentati­on as a group there are some

examples exercises and a bunch more

stuff in this lesson each lesson has

been carefully curated by lingo de to

make sure that you have the best

learning experience possible when you

have finished the presentati­on your

teacher will ask you if you have any

other questions or you may discuss

something that came up during the

presentati­on in more detail the teacher

asked for questions with every slide and

make sure that everyone comprehend­s the

informatio­n that you are learning before

moving on to new material it is

effectivel­y like being in a real German

classroom but from the comfort of your

couch if you choose a private lesson

you'll need to download skype and create

an account for that your teacher will

add you on skype before your lesson

begins and when it's time to begin your

class your teacher will initiate a video

call then you can have a one-on-one

lesson about whatever the topic is that

you chose sometimes there will be a

presentati­on to go through but the

lesson that I took was a dictation class

the teacher read a sentence and I wrote

them out he then corrected any mistakes

I made and we discussed these errors to

make sure that I knew what was wrong why

it was wrong and what I can do to make

these better in the future it's a great

learning exercise when you have finished

your lesson you were given the

opportunit­y to rate your teacher and add

any comments that you wish about the

experience for that lesson I took three

different classes and had three

different teachers each and every one of

them were fantastic I was very impressed

with their profession­alism

Dimitar and patience they were

outstandin­g I've been told by the

teachers that they were also required to

evaluate how well you did in the lesson

they report things like how well you did

what you

poorly what you accomplish­ed and what

you can improve upon in the future if

you are working towards a particular

certificat­e you can go to your course

overview to see what lessons you need to

complete in order to earn that

certificat­e only one of my classes that

I took were actually for my certificat­e

so that's why the system here says one

of thirty four classes passed if you

want to make sure that your classes are

going to help move you towards your goal

that you have set you can click on a

particular lesson in the progressio­n and

find a time that fits your schedule this

is the way that I would suggest booking

classes so you avoid taking classes that

are above or below your level you can

also book your own private classes on

any topic you like and lingotto will set

it up for you each course has about 35

classes that you have to take in order

to earn the certificat­e when you have

completed 90% of the classes in that

course you will be given a certificat­e

these certificat­es aren't just a piece

of paper either these are legitimate

certificat­es that you can use in

german-spe­aking countries in order to

obtain a job or to put on your resume so

let's cut to the chase

what do I actually think here I think

that you can tell by what I've said so

far in this video that I am extremely

impressed with lingo de I think that

their system and website work very well

their teachers are not only native

speakers but also are actually trained

on how to teach students well via lingo

de they go through a training process

that from what I have seen is very

thorough and make sure that every

student has a great experience the

courses are very detailed and help you

work towards certificat­es that can help

you gauge how well your language

learning is going and also help you

obtain a job in that language most

importantl­y however the classes focus on

getting you to speak German at every

opportunit­y they make sure that the

students in each class participat­e

equally each class is methodical­ly

planned out like any great teacher would

this wouldn't be a review however if I

didn't have a few critiques first of all

when I tried to take a group class the

first time Adobe Connect crashed it was

not any fault of lingo de and there was

nothing they could do to fix it at the

time that happened but it made it

impossible to take the class after

sending an email to lingo de they took

care of the issue but it was a bit

frustratin­g to say the least

also there was a long delay in the sound

whenever I was in the group class which

again is not any fault of lingo de but

rather a problem with the external app

from Adobe why ideally lingotto would

their own internal classroom software to

make sure that everything works smoothly

this isn't possible for everyone and I

understand why their company didn't do

this I know many people who rely on

Adobe Connect for online courses and

they all have the same complaints it's

slow it crashes occasional­ly and it's

not very user friendly that being said

these are the issues that you'll come

across whenever you take an online

course one of the other things that I

noticed was that if the other students

had slower connection speed they might

have problems with their microphone or

other issues

the teachers connection­s are checked by

lingo de to make sure that their issues

are not on their end but if you're in a

group class with a bunch of students who

have slow connection then you might have

a very rough class other than the

technical stuff not working very often

lingo des is awesome if you have any of

these technical issues that ruin the

experience for you while taking a class

with lingo des their staff is very

helpful and will make sure to make it

right with you I personally think that

lingo des is definitely worth your money

if you were to compare costs of lessons

like this to any school near you that

teaches German lessons you would pay

much more for much less the price point

is fantastic even at the lowest level

the lessons are priced at nine dollars

and forty-five cents per lesson if you

were to book a private lesson on any

other site you would pay upwards of 40

dollars per hour in fact if I were to do

online lessons I would charge $40 per

hour nine dollars and forty nine cents

per hour for lessons is a steal even in

groups this is a great price the group

numbers are capped at ten but every

teacher I've talked to in the system

said that their average number of

students in a room is about four and

they have never had more than six or

seven in a room this means you can get

the attention you need in order to make

progress that you want with your

language learning so give lingotto a try

use the promo code h r and trim one and

get 15% off click the link down in the

descriptio­n to try it out yourself a

quick disclaimer yes this video is

sponsored by lingo des however I am very

impartial whenever it comes to my

reviews and I pride myself on not taking

into account that they are paying me for

this review whenever I do the review if

you have any questions about lingo des

or their system go ahead and leave them

down in the comments down below and I

can help you out with that otherwise

that's all I've got for today

curfew su Chou and mr. Nixon mile Jews

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