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Salem are Kailash la banda ha

hi everybody I'm Sara welcome to Turkish

class 101 comms which the kekada touchet

the fastest easiest and most fun way to

learn Turkish in the last lesson we

learn the most common forms of greetings

in Turkish do you remember them in this

lesson we're going to learn a very

useful phrase do speak English if you

find yourself in a situation where you

need assistance in English this phrase

can be a lifesaver and because you're

asking it in Turkish you can be sure

that everyone will understand what

you're saying even if their answer is no

here is the informal way to say it

engage a conservati­ve Muslim

in galicia concha be your muffin in

Turkish verbs change depending on the

pronoun that is used please notice the

suffix muffin at the end of the sentence

this is the informal word for you

the word before that is the verb comes

abuse which means can speak because it

is referring to you it is conjugated

Concha bjornsen and you probably

recognize the first word in it is yet

it means English in get is jae-hoon

Chevy or Muslim to learn how to

conjugate verbs in more details please

check out our absolute beginners series

on Turkish class

you can find very detailed grammar

lesson and resources there we are now

going to make this sentence bit formal

first we need to use the formal version

of you just take muffin and add a sound

at the end to make mucinous everything

else stays the same in Galicia Concha be

your monsunos in Galicia Concha be your

usefulness if you add alpha dishonest

excuse me to the beginning the sentence

becomes even more polite

of Edison's indeed easy Aakansha be


off Edison's in give is J concha be your

usefulness the responses you will

receive could be one of these three

Evitts yes

a vet's

a little


hi yes English your consumer room no I

can't speak English hi years in GDG a

canoe show me your room now it's time

for their hearts insights for those of

you who are not only English speakers

you can obviously use this question with

any language you need Turkish people

study other European languages at school

so maybe you will get lucky just

substitute in gdj vids italiana for

Italian Russa for Russian Espanyol juh

for Spanish or Almanza for German in

this lesson we mentioned the expression

of Edison's but did you know that this

could also be used as an apology in the

next lesson we will learn this and the

other ways to apologize in Turkish it's

never too late to show your good manners

with Turkish people I'll see you in our

next which lucky color to teach a lesson

Gersh because era


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