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hi everybody and still are welcome to

Russian part 101 count

brueski zigzag criminal to the fastest

easiest and the most fun way to learn

Russian in the last lesson we'll learn

how to count in Russian I hope you spend

some time practicing the numbers because

they will come in handy today now we are

going to learn how to go shopping in


so you see something you like and you

want to ask the shop assistant how much

it is the first thing to say is Vanita

do you remember the meaning right excuse

me is we need to skulk at a store

is Venezia skorca etta

stoy let's break it down to work out the

meaning of these new words skorca means

how much or how many as you can see it

can be used both with countable nouns

like people and uncountabl­e nouns like

time the next word is Etta which means

this or that and the last one is stew it

cost if you want to be more specific

when asking how much is this and refer

to a certain type of object you just

need to drop the word Etta and place the

object after the verb store it

for example scroll castewart clip how

much is the breath or squirrel customer

or snail

how much is the ice-cream but remember

that Russian verbs change according to

the noun in this case we have to be

careful about using the nouns in plural

and singular forms for example if we use

the noun candies which is plural the

verb will change is we need to scold

custard confetti excuse me how much of

the candies is Venezia squirrel cut

Stoia confetti as you might already know

the national currency in Russia is

rubles ruble or Robley in the plural so

now let's hear the shop assistants

answer he or she could answer by saying

clip stud Watsa truly Madonna stood it

not suitably or confetti stood BD

separably here it comes our numbers I'm

sure you remember them and can easily

understand the answer

great job now it's time for suit Lana's

tips the prices in big shopping malls

and department stores are mostly fixed

these shops may have some seasonal

discounts of campaigns but the prices in

Russian market reenact or posad are very

flexible they really depend on your

speaking and bargaining skills people at

these places are generally very open and


and usually more than happy to find the

most appropriat­e price to please both

sides he or she might even invite you in

to have a drink but always be aware of

pickpocket­s and thieves there are a lot

of them in Russian markets do you know

how to use Russian currency we're going

to learn how to do this and much more in

the next lesson I will see you soon in

our next rule skills except immunity


paka paka

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