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hi everyone Peter here you know there's

a every year a competitio­n for bloggers

who have blogs about learning and

teaching and sharing an experience about

learning languages and you know last

year I was 89 in this competitio­n so I

was in first 100 blocks in the world but

this year you probably don't believe me

but ha I was twenty first I am just

amazed just this informatio­n just blew

me away

I don't believe it you know I was twenty

first my ipoll learn real polish blog

was twenty first in the world you know

that's not possible

that's not possible there are blogs both

English German French Spanish and you

know a lot of really great blogs like

400 three months for you know everyday

language language learner another's

lingua tract

blog David's Knoppix lingua tract blogs

there are lots of great stuff and you

know I was twenty first so thank you all

he voted for me you know I'm really

happy I'm really proud about it

yeah I was twenty first you know

and I tell you why I don't really like

wallow my own trumpet you know but if I

do not tell you about something you will

not know about you will not know about

it you know I want to tell you about my

polish daily stories you know I've made

a 770 polish short stories for you with

questions and answers so you can listen

to it and learn polish independen­tly you

can take it and just listen to it

you know there are 70 stories so it's a

lot of stuff I guess over 20 hours of

Polish and if you will buy it I will

give you all my premium courses for free

so you will get a business polish

polish legends in the holler

great material so for 770 URL you will

get all my premium materials it's 40

hours of polish okay

so that's it thank you all who voted for

me thanks guys it was amazing fantastic

feeling so see you next time

iPad everybody to go to my side and the

Polish just go to my real polish that PL

plug and there are a lot of stuff for

you see you trashed my tisha destiny

garage Oh papa



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