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well I hope you're not hungry because we

are going to talk about food in Italy

this could get nasty so I'm going to go

over a few of the many many options you

have to eat while you're in Italy so

let's start with your calf your coffee

so Italians usually start their day with

breakfast and it's usually at a cafe

yes Italians at least half of Italian

population likes to go to a cafe for


Italian breakfast is very healthy and

very light it's usually a coffee or

cappuccino with one or two croissants or

pastries so where can you go for that or

where can you go when you need coffee

throughout the day now in Italy many of

the famous chains in the world haven't

really picked up like you know Starbucks

or any other chain it is not very big on

chain of change that revolve around food

and that's because we have such a strong

tradition tradition for food that it's

really hard to break into the market

just to even example Italy doesn't have

stuff like Domino's or Pizza Hut because

there's a pizza place every five meters

so it's really difficult to break into

the market when you have so many good

pizza places around the same applies for

coffee it all easily has millions of

little cafes they're actually called bar

so that you're not going to find place

called cafe or cafeteria or anything

like that it's bar that you're looking

for so let's have a look at a few

pictures so this is the most common it

doesn't look very attractive it's

usually a small door sometimes they have

two doors

they usually have icecream pictures

outside and the sign of just says bar

and the name or bar tabaqui

when they sell secrets it's very common

for a bar Italian cafe to sell

cigarettes as well they also play

lotteries like blotto and sizzle

sometimes they accept bets as a few

things that a bar a talent bar normally

does so what can you get from a bar well

you go there for your breath

that means your cafe cappuccino you can

get alcohol all day so you could go a

bar at 6:00 in the morning and get a


so bars are mainly for coffees and

alcohol now they have snacks depending

on the size of the bar you might be able

to find you know sandwiches and panini

or focaccia a little pizzas very rarely

will you find actual food now bars don't

have a kitchen so it might be different

from your country you can't go to a bar

like a cafe and get food you only get

sandwiches if you're lucky you know

that's that's as far as you go with bar

but bars are really great options

because coffees are very cheap in Italy

you can get it like an espresso four

depending on the way you are but you

know 70 80 cents a euro so you know up

in the north of Italy maybe euro 20 and

cappuccino again it's from one euro to

two euro depending on where you are

that's really cheap the one thing with

cappuccino in case you don't know

cappuccino is F is something that is

designed for breakfast for Italians so

yeah you're gonna get bed looks if you

order a cappuccino after breakfast I'm

like after 11 or 12 it doesn't go with

meals and usually it definitely doesn't

it's not drunk in the afternoon you

can't ask for a cappuccino some places

will be able to make it for you if but I

wouldn't probably ask for it because

you're thinking about the milk that is

usually because if Italians drink

espresso so if you want a milk based

drink after the time when it's usually

popular in Italy you know the milk could

have been out of the country for too

long you know I'm not saying that you

can't but I'll just be aware of that

so birthed a vacuum there pretty good

once you get in so about the back he

looks like this you've got display of

all the alcohol that you can get they

usually they can have ice cream they

could have a little counter with

sandwiches they have a little stand with

croissants and stuff like that one thing


cafes they are supposed to have up at

the top behind the register but behind

the till they should have what is called

Latino Patsy which is pretty much a list

of the prices so you shouldn't get

surprises so when you walk into a cafe

is there how much is a cappuccino you

should be able to look up and say okay

it's 150 okay it's 150 one thing that

you have to be careful with Italy

whenever you sit at the table you pay a

different price so if in doubt you can

definitely ask at this stage we haven't

done prices so I'll tell you what the

expression is already down but we'll get

back to it the expression for how much

is something it's quanto Costa so of the

quanto Costa Moon Cafe

would be how much the coffee but if you

want to know how much is a coffee when

you sit in on the table the expression

will be quanto Costa Moon Cafe

I'll double O I'll travel at the table

and usually it's thirty percent more but

it could be double it could be five

times more and we'll talk about it but

this later so going on that's still the

inside of a typical bar tabacky that's

where they make coffees there's usually

two or three small round tables it's not

for big crowds it's really for you and

your couple of friends to sit down and

drink your coffee and here is where you

would play your lotteries now when you

come into a place like this and there's

so many and that the most affordable

option to get something to eat or drink

quickly something small to eat these

tables here that could be free so if you

you'll have to judge by the presentati­on

of the place if it's just like this one

you see in this picture chances are you

can definitely get your coffee and sit

down but you're always safe to ask if

there's a different price now if you

walk into a fancier bar then you can

expect to a different prices for the

four tables

and that's still another barter bucket

now of course then you've got this this

is everybody'­s dream to go to Piazza San

Marco in Venice and sit down and have

coffee there Piazza de Spanier Spanish

Steps in Rome there's so many famous

piazzas that you would want to sit down

and enjoy a coffee and I say I'm not

discouragi­ng you from doing everything

don't do it but be prepared for

something like this that's your typical

docket for somebody who's having coffee

at Casa San Marco just remember a coffee

is usually 80 cents to a one euro when

we look at this docket here it says

seven times six euro for total 42 euro

for supplement­al musica that's because

there's a band there where you're paying

for that okay so that's 42 euro just

because you sit down with six people and

they would music that was music playing

four coffees each coffee six euro so

that's six times more expensive than

your average coffee and so you're

spending 24 euro for coffee

now correct answer that means that one

of the coffee had alcohol in in it

that's an extra five bucks a yoga

Meister which is like a bitter kind of

alcohol liquor that's ten bucks each and

Montenegro would be ten bucks each as

well so that's two so you can see how

this experience is a one-off experience

I mean of course if you can afford it

and do it every day but you know for you

every day going around the city don't go

there for coffee go there because you

want the experience so you're going to

go there sit down and spend two hours

experienci­ng Italy and experienci­ng the

music and experienci­ng the square but

for most occasions just walk into a bar

tabacky it's just a good just a great

experience anyway so when it comes to

food proper food now Italy obviously has

a lot of good places to eat now you


Ristorante a restaurant would be the

best place but oftentimes what we call

Todd Toria is the best place trattoria

is usually a family-run small eatery

like we see this one it says if you

skipped area yeah that's a very colorful

word it means that you know what a flat

square is not the English meaning of

Jessica Jessica is the typical wine

bottle you know the one with it's like

the kind of like like a bell that's what

I feel squeezed so just get threes when

you go and drink cheap wine trattoria

enter to dance the thing where we want

to focus on it's a different version of

it a very strata it's a it's an in

theory it's a lower-clas­s restaurant but

these days they're not they're just

great places to eat mama cooks you know

a son makes the pizza the father serves

the tables the daughter is at the

register it's usually family-run this

means very few options on the menu which

is something great I really encourage

you to find places with small menus when

you have a place with a small menu in

Italy it means not that I don't have a

lot of options it means that they only

serve fresh food so if you can find a

handwritte­n menu that's the Nirvana of

an Italian restaurant if it's

handwritte­n it means that it's for the

day so tomorrow is going to be different

because tomorrow they're going to

outsource something it different so

definitely it's fresher if the menu is

handwritte­n or if it's limited so that

really not too fancy from the outside

you know you can have nice looking ones

do I have one no okay okay but then they

usually quite pretty in the on the

inside they're small not many tables

you're looking at 10 15 tables very

small and they usually packed so that's

how you tell you can tell that's a great

place to eat trattoria have great food

at a very very affordable

price so if you walk past a tractor and

it's dinner time which in Italy again

they'll depend on where you are in Italy

but if you're going in summer a good

time to eat in Italy would be from 8:00

to 10:00 p.m. 8:00 in the north even

7:30 in the north in summer and then 8 9

of 10 in the south 10 p.m. whereas when

you would go to a restaurant for example

in Sicily in summer winter is a bit

different obviously it's colder and it's

darker so a good time to eat would be

6:30 in the north maybe 7:00 7:30 in the

south or 8:00 but if you walk past a

trattoria at dinnertime and you see it

full that's a good place to go getting

you might have to wait a little bit for

a table but usually very fast ternal

turnover so you find a nice table this

is a restaurant different experience the

large and they look more probably

liquors from that you've seen elsewhere

that can't be good I'm not saying that

restaurant­s are not good quality food

but the prices are higher and often the

food is not as good as in a tattoo area

of course there are exceptions and

probably you have a good guide book that

tells you where to go in the city that

you're visiting but overall as a


I think trattoria serves better food at

a at a better price see you know that's

another restaurant this is quite pretty

so again I think I went back to the

adviser that I can head for you

regarding coffee for every day feed me

or every day coffee or hit me I will go

to a bar tobaccy and for everyday food I

will go to a trattoria you know on a

special occasion

if you wanting to experience something

amazing you want to eat in Pat's

Espanyol you want to eat in depth

Samarco you want to have a fancy dinner

then go to a nice restaurant find the

best one and be happy to pay the bill

and enjoy the experience now if you're

driving Italy as these things they

called Auto guerrilla Auto grill and

they on the motorway the highway

them most often they're like that

because whichever direction you're

driving you'll be able to stop fill your

tank and then walk up to the restaurant

so this restaurant serves both sides of

the road which is quite smart I think

now out of green of course is a little

bit pricier because it's on the motorway

but you know you have your sandwiches

and panini but also you have your full

restaurant of course it's like um it's

it's often pre-made you know but you can

still buy lasagna there's a lot of

options not to grill and they're not bad

and then they have a little shop where

you can buy the typical food from that

region I I love Auto green when I'm

driving in Italy I've stopped and auto

green even if it's only three hour drive

I have to stop anyway those next

now of course during the day you might

get hungry well there's a few places

that I suggest you check out one is

something that Italians called

foreigner in the south and panet area in

the north

it's bata bakery but it's a little in

style bakery which means of course you

can find your bread so many types of

bread pretty good bread a little warning

and it's gonna give a waiter I don't

like this but if you're in Tuscany bread

doesn't have salt so it's soft less

which is great for health but it doesn't

taste as good as spread in other regions

and Florentine friends are going to get

upset at me but and that's because

there's a lot of food in there there's a

lot of salt in their food so that's why

the the bread is blind but but you know

bread is quite you really nearly but the

good thing about apparate three or four

know is that you can work in poetry or

for now and I have pizza please like

that so this is pizza by the slice

it's called pizza and pie yeah and you

can find it in a folder open interior

which is a bakery or also we have pizza


Oh pizzeria Alto which is not a


the pizzeria where you go for dinner

it's a it's a shot that it's open during

the day and it's like a bakery but they

sell just pizza and it looks either like

this and I if you have allergies I would

recommend you go for this kind of pizza

it's called pizza a la tavola which is

made on a plank of wood because normally

the traditiona­l pizza Italia is made on

a on a metal tray so for example my mom

she's allergic to copper and a few other

metals and so she can eat this kind of

pizza because of the metal but you know

if you if you have no allergies then

that's also an option now the beauty of

this kind of pizza is there of course

there's so many original types of pizza

idea that you you'll be so surprised

because you know there was a round pizza

of course you get pizza in your country

and you kind of know what kind of

flavors you can find even though you

still be surprised when you go to with

liquids pizza is different in Italy but

but Pizza Italia is a whole different

world of pizza and it's interestin­g to

see what they end up putting on pizza

like there's pizza with let's say endive

and shrimp or Italian sausage and

zucchini flowers like so many amazing

combinatio­ns and they're all good going

back to what I said about pizza round

Pizza being different it Italian pizza

tends to have very little topping

toppings so you have your base it depend

how the base is depending on where you

are in Italy could be thin or thick but

you got your base a little bit of tomato

paste not a lot and then some mozzarella

but not a lot and then whatever topping

you would have in a pizza if it's

prosciutto Italian ham you'd have two

slices if it's salami salami then you'd

have you know a few pieces of it there's

not a lot of stuff on Pizza because it's

designed for you too

appreciate the pizza as a whole and not

just taste the chicken or so on I

mentioned chicken because you're not

going to find chicken or pizza you're

not going to find five types of meat on

pizza I tell em pizzas tend to be highly

vegetarian in a way I mean not vegan

because of because of the cheese and

because of Chavez and little things like

that but there's really not a lot of

meat on Italian pizza another thing that

might surprise you is that an Italian

menu in a pizzeria usually would have

whatever number of Pizza

tomato based pizzas and just as many if

not more which are called pizza Bianca

which are white pizzas so there's no

tomato and there's just cheese or

bechamel or cream or different types of

cheese but there's no tomato and that

could be a surprise for you if you're

not used to it now

the beauty of a pizza value is that it's

cheap again depending on where you are

you could pay like a euro 2 euro for a

slice so that's why she and now we get

to this these things are called

elementary not elementary I think have

another one yeah the little deli places

and that's where you can really have a

great time shopping now you might say

well I'm not gonna go to a deli if I'm

hungry well you can because delis

Italian delis usually have things that

are ready to eat like rice balls suply

the cold but there's so many they have

pizza as well but they will make your

sandwich so if you feel I like something

special don't go to a bar and a bar a

cafe and get a premade sandwich which

would probably cost you you know six

euro or I don't know you can actually go

to a to a deli an elementary and say

okay I want that bun and I want five

slices of this prosciutto and I want

three sizes of that cheese you actually

choose the whole thing so in a really

good options

what else fruta yeah it's a great snack

I mean I speak as a vegan but um

Italians use a lot of fresh produce

Italians will I've read this book it was

it was book compared 20 different

countries on many different things and

one was vegetables fruit and vegetables

well Italy came first and the second

country I think was Spain with half or

what Italy consumes in fruit and veggie

and then all the other countries now as

a tourist you might not experience this

you might actually experience the

opposite Italians are not very big on

salads so when you go to a restaurant

you find that there's not a lot of

vegetables in the meal that you're

eating because if you have in a pasta

with just pasta you have it a steak just

steak you having fish is just fish so

there's not a lot of veggies as a

tourist but that's because the talents

love to cook and they cook every meal

they prepare breakfast lunch and dinner

in most cases so as a tourist if you

have an apartment

then you might do some cooking or you

have to implement to complement your

vegetable and fruit intake by going to a

fruit Korea and fruit areas are pretty

they have a lot of fruit outside and

then you walk in and it look like that

and depending on the fruit area you may

have you may be able to help serve

yourself or ask for help that really

changes on the depending on the business

prices are amazing

again the north is more expensive and

the South is cheaper but if you go to a

market or a fruit area most things will

cost a euro a kilo you know some

exceptions are sleeping so let moving on

you have these things that are called

roast each area now roast each area is

Italian fast-food it's fried and it's

not healthy but it's delicious and a

roast each area will often have options

like a premade salad like pasta

solids or other types of salad and

grilled vegetables and your fried goods

you know your rice balls and your

croquette and a lot of other things and

then of course you want to have ice

cream now I'm showing you my favorite

place in the entire world and it's

called gelateria della Palma and it's in

Rome it's near the Pantheon and every

time I go to Rome I go to the Pantheon

it's my favorite place in Rome and then

I walk to the Nutella partner which is

my favorite ice-cream place in the world

they have over 100 flavors they're all

delicious and then the weirdest flavors

like apart you have the standard flavors

but then you have flavors they have

never track them skeptical but they

would have like flavors like pizza or

lasagna or craziest stuff but you know

they have really interestin­g flavors

like fig and walnut or you know whatever

combinatio­n amazing ice cream here's

another picture of geneticall­y polymer

and then if you don't want ice cream

there's the option of passed it Sharia

posterior sells Italian pastry now

Italian page garden sweets are very

sweet so if you're not a sweet tooth you

might might have a hard time with

Italian pastry now it's not as sweet as

Greek pastry but it's sweet okay

and do I have a picture of what they

look like well not I can't really tell

but it's heaven if you like sweets it's

heaven I have no idea how the internal

procedure can survive because they

honestly produce 100 different types of

sweets crazy crazy stuff anyway so this

is all for this particular video where

we explore different options for you to

eat while you're in Italy I hope you

enjoyed it and there's more coming so

stay tuned

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