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hello and his little comments on video

propose its own and met accusative tile

sway in Assen tile has to meet the

anointing zenfone if on Beethoven tip

propose its yawnin gallant D Foreman

before we start with the forums a very

short introducti­on to grammar in English

because most of you will be beginners

and I want you to understand this play

pulls its Jana

comes from Latin pre position means it

is position for and also in front of

German for free something and that means

for no man or a poor woman in front of

nouns or pronouns now and in German you

know they always have an article and

they can replaced by pronouns because

Pro actually only means for so they can

be for a noun and in German the

prepositio­ns either go with a causative

da teef or Gainey teeth and here you

learn the prepositio­ns with a causative

and here for you have to learn the forms

for the articles because they go with

the nouns and the forms for the pronouns

here we go we're startin so the article

they are ein masculine the ina feminine

das I know it home on the Roja stem

nominative on the nominative tends to

ask somebody a that does subject yet

there a causative masculine virtue Dean

einen owned

feminine know at home plural flight

remains does practice order deform and

food upon all men sinned ein bisschen

severe eager me Dei the scans to awesome

song you know this from the song he can

own a dish miss Leoben dubis donate gig

and me in Z is once I see normal on

valise and Sue's Amand so please join in

me day in Z is owns I see naturally also

yet no paella

so of course you now need more examples

and you get them in the next videos as

to fatten via fine on libertine feedback

on vendo lost has been do max so if you

like yeah share us our Facebook order of

Google+ we are falling on fiancée and

hang on misspelled choose

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