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hello lighter is been Katya on the other

diet for ice since why nothing is coming

this week we're going to do something

special there will be one episode every

day from today until Saturday and then

you will get your regular verb of the

week on Sunday and set off on Friday

German overload and since we had

vocabulary is scheduled for this week

these little episodes will be a mix of

vocabulary and trivia which means that

over the next few days I'll be teaching

me about some German Christmas customs

and traditions but for that you'll have

to go without in your video until no yes

or New Year's but I'm sure you'll be

busy enough anyway okay let's get right

to it

our first topic for today is Advent the

advance site is what we call the month

before Christmas

it's only roughly a month and it never

stars in the same date because what's

important is that within this time

period we have four

yeah that's four not this from our four

Sundays that lead up to Hilah cabins

which means holy evening and is

Christmas Eve so the 24th of December

because even though the 25th and 26th of

December are public holidays most of her

Christmas action happens on the 24th but

I'll talk about that more tomorrow

so let's look at some background first

just like Christmas itself the Advent is

a Christian holiday season the four

weeks before Christmas are sort of a

symbolic preparatio­n for the arrival of

Jesus this tradition has actually

existed since the 600's and until the

early 20th century the Catholic Church

insisted on its members fasting

throughout that time but nowadays it's

much more about the tradition and the

nice things that come with it during

this time of year most Germans even if

they are not religious have an advanced

cunts somewhere around their house to

get into the Christmas spirit an advance

comes as a wreath that is normally made

of pine tree branches with seasonal

decoration­s and for candles on top for

candles for four Sundays every Sunday we

get to light an additional candle so

that on the last Sunday before Christmas

we have four burning candles so you're

basically doing your own miniature car

down until Christmas these Sundays are

called the esta slider Twitter and

theatre Advent we also call these weeks

the advanced site or for vine outside so

pre Christmas time so they said the

starting date of the advance set is not

fixed because it really just depends on

what date and what weekday Christmas is

that year and if Christmas happens to be

on a Sunday that is the same Sunday as

the théâtre advent another tradition

we connect with the Advent is the

advance calendar so the advent calendar

this is a tradition that especially

children are fond of and it was

originally invented for them but many

adults make or buy them for each other

too so on the 1st of December we get a

calendar with 24 doors one for every day

until highly happened because as you

might remember for us the important day

is the 24th not the 25th so from there

we get to open one door every day most

calendars that you can buy in stores

have a little chocolate figures in them

or if they're a little more fancy they

will have more fancy chocolates in them

but there are some with little toys and

of course if you make them yourself for

your loved ones you can put whatever you

want into the doors this is mine this

year it's making me fat anyway that

concludes today's episode tell me about

your country's traditions leading up to

Christmas I'd love to know miss Martin

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