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Hanna Reuter it's been Katya on is a

Dutch fish

remember the personal pronouns because

you don't go or we watch this video it's

important after putting out that episode

and let you vote on what topic you

wanted me to get to first either a bit

of info on verbs or the declension­s of

the personal pronouns verbs 1 and so we

had a few videos on that we are not

really finished with that topic but

everything beyond the point that I've

gotten to by now is a bit more

complicate­d and so I think it would be a

better idea to get to other things first

and so now I think it's time to get to

these because they are important for

forming sentences that are more complex

than you Mack Katzman okay that would

mean you don't have to be derpy to like

cats okay

um before we get started I really need

to put my hair up because it's way too

high on food in here if you don't know

what that means I guess you missed last

episode in there we go hey yes

alright I guess okay let's be obey the

way it might also be a good idea to

repeat the cases once again just say

quick you know overview to help you

remember what we're talking about here

we'll only do the first two today

because I think all of them at once will

be a bit much so yeah first two

obviously are the first in the second

person singular so that means it and do

so me and you or I in you or whatever

her stuff

ish okay so the nominative of ich is it

exactly we learn all words or all nouns

pronouns you know everything that can

make can be declined um in their status

quo form which is the nominative so if

nominative next in the order I put them

in which is the Latin way of putting the

cases in order is the Guinea thief and

again it a form of a

minor the Gaiety form is the same as the

male possessive pronoun for the word if

we will get to the possessive pronouns

at some other point the game achieve is

often used for expressing position but

not only so that case is not limited to

that which is why I won't explain the

possessive pronouns right now because I

would have to differenti­ate more and I

don't want to get off-track too much so

the cognitive of ICH is minor per case

Dottie Dottie fish Mia now this is where

it gets tricky with the indication of

possession because if you ask the right

way which would be who does this book

belong to which German would be them to

hurt Jesus pool you can also already see

if you remember the video bottle engines

we have the word theme which belongs

with the data so if I want answer it

belongs to me I have to use the data

form of the word if as well so even

though it indicates possession in this

case it will be the data so just to

reinforce my previous statement the

Guinea teeth does indicate possession

but first of all something only case

that can be used to indicate position

and secondly that's not it's only

function and then finally we have the

acoustic 'if the acquisitiv­e form of ich

is mich so the forms are ich minor Mia

Mitch ich meine a mere me take my name

yeah me second person singular

do you know me atif do guinea teeth

Dinah you see it sounds like Myna you

just replace the first letter with a D

Dinah that Eve dear and acquisitiv­e dish

do Dinah dear dish so wrapping this up

we have ich - Mia mich and do

Dinah dear dish if you repeat these a

few times they should get stuck in your

head rather quickly but I didn't want to

do them all at once


well you know the smaller the doses the

more likely it is that it will actually

stick I said that I would alternate

grammar and vocabulary episodes I still

plan on doing that although next episode

will be a small exception I have a

little extra plan for that but we will

continue this grammar unit in two weeks

okay now on to everybody'­s favorite part

you're a random word of the week is it's

about time we got this one down matzo as

opposed to hoot

because a hoot is not fluffy so who is a

hat and omitsu is a floppy hat Earl I T

sorry van a bit bouncy today I really

don't feel like being that serious when

it's this warm and yeah I'm just going

to blame you on that because I can't

think of another reason right now all


ah miss Lisa huh just

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