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hi guys I thought I would do something a

bit different today this is something

I've been asked a few times before the

difference­s between Germany and the

United States because I've answered this

question a few times before by now I

kinda have this set list of things I

always mentioned sorry I'm still a bit

sick since since many people asked about

it and since this seems to be

interestin­g I always find it interestin­g

to hear about you know cultural

difference­s in that myself um I thought

I would make a list for you guys of

things that I perceive to be you know

that kind of strike me as big

difference­s one thing I always like to

start off with is you know just the

difference in size of everything starts

with things like roads and cars you know

the cars you will see around here and

I'm perfectly normal here you know just

you know practical little cars um you

won't really see in America at all or

rarely um you'll have this you know

these these huge cars even the smallest

cars are pretty big compared to German

cars you know of course there's people

driving Hummer is here as well but

they're very rare you know we have less

space available because there's more

people on less space and not more people

of course but you know a lot of people

on a lot less space um then in America

so I guess it makes sense also what's a

lot bigger is your meal portions I

cannot get over that it's like you know

you go to a restaurant and what you get

could feed two families you know it's a

lot and I guess you know this leads to

the next point which is there's a lot

more big and bigger people we all know

about that specific things on you know

I'm just going to leave that aside then

I was speaking about cars earlier in

roads of course one big difference that

probably by now a big part of the world

knows about we are the only country in

the world that does not have a speed

limit on our highways you know we do

have place in which there is a speed

limit and we also have recommende­d speed

so you know you shouldn't go over I

think I think it's 130 km/h but you know

if there's no

fine you're allowed to go as fast as you

want and can if you want to do that

you know you never really noticed that

when you live here because it's just you

know it's there but yeah that's another

another big difference another thing

actually something that's always

bothered me about buying well basically

anything in America is that you always

have to remember that when you know when

you finally get to the register you're

gonna have to add tax to whatever you're

buying and I'm not used to that because

we don't do that you know the price you

see on the label in the market before

you go to the register is the price you

pay which I think makes a lot more sense

I'm gonna admit I really don't know when

you think about selling my things but I

really don't know why you do that in

America and I know it annoys a lot of

normal Americans as well because you see

something for $3 named you is gonna end

up being like three dollars and eight

cents or something you know just why

another very big thing I feel is

politics first of all I mean yeah

democracy get that's all nice but you

know you really only have two parties I

mean I know you don't buddy yeah that's

the first thing we have we have three

more parties that actually have a chance

of getting into our Bundestag which is

our dammit what's the word Parliament we

also have two bigger parties that are

like more centered one is more you know

conservati­ve and the other one is more

social by now - me neither pretty much

the same but as I get into that too far

away right now those are the two big

parties that always fight for the

majority but they're never big enough to

completely you know um eliminate the

chances of of the other of the smaller

parties we have quite a variety of

parties here and they actually do have a

chance to you know to get up it might

take them a while but normally you know

you have a certain fluctuatio­n and

people feel like well now that's not

true we have we have a lot of frustrated

people here as well that just don't vote


or you know but to me it feels like we

have more of a choice to be honest if I

lived in America and if I were to vote

you know I really wouldn't be you know

what for I would go but I don't think I

would feel like I really had a choice

another thing about the politics issue

is that the propaganda you see in

America really just makes me sick it's

not about telling people what you want

to do what you would change what you

want to do for the people what you think

blah blah blah you know really

presenting points of course they do that

somehow but it's always mainly about the

other guy's dick vote for me and I feel

like if people started doing that here

they would be sure to lose because if we

like one thing here it's rationalit­y

that can be very icky and it can be very

annoying at times because it always

feels like everything­'s very regulated

we have a lot of rules here we have a

lot of regulation­s and people like to

well you know stay with those and you

know stay with the rules and make sure

they're following the rules you know

nothing can happen to you you follow the

rules right you know politics and

getting informed about politics and and

propaganda and the unwritten rules of

that are that you know you have certain

content that you present and people want

to know about even you know even if

they're bullshitti­ng us even if they

never do what they announce at least

they're telling us that they're going to

do this and going to do that it doesn't

feel like a pissing contest and I feel

like that is what American politics

often turn into very quickly I feel like

if one side or one party whatever starts

with this kind of crap and people go for

it at least a certain extent that

quickly becomes the norm and that just I

don't like that I find that very yucky

and dangerous to certain extent I just

knows from watching this that this all

sounds very opinionate­d and of course it

is you know I have my opinions

um but this wasn't supposed to turn into

some kind of political thing it's just

the way I see it probably also because

compared to America Germany has very

well liberal ish politics I would say

that our most conservati­ve party is

actually a bit more liberal than your

Democrats um so yeah I mean well let's

move on I've noticed from watching a bit

of TV when when I was over there for a

few weeks um it's just I can't stand it

they're like private um stations which

are the majority um really they exhaust

me partly because there's commercial­s

every five minutes for 10 minutes or at

least that's what it feels like and

secondly because the news is it feels to

me like it's really hard to find news

that I want to see and that I can't

control news you know it's always like a

child died in a fire and this guy

murdered this woman and you know it's

always drama drama drama you don't get

informed what what's going on in the

world you're informed about you know

what's what's supposed to scare you I

don't even want to go so far to call

that a strategy or something you know

I'm not spraying any conspiracy theories

here but I feel like you shouldn't be an

action movie did you hear what happened

this morning in this neighborho­od and

something extremely horrible happened

it's to unrelaxed it's not um once again

with the rationalit­y thing I don't feel

like that's scientific is the wrong word

it's too emotional I feel for being news

there's too much drama in it another

thing about TV of course is you're

censoring thing you know the bleeping of

words there's not that much swearing on

TV here or I guess maybe I'm just

watching the wrong programs I don't know

point I'm trying to make here is we

don't bleep swearing might be good might

be bad I know next thing of course the

whole national pride thing were in

America you feel like you're gonna do

I've buy a normal suburban street

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