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hello and welcome to French survival

phrases brought to you by French pas again this course is designed to

equip you with the language skills and

knowledge to enable you to get the most

out of your visit to France so join us

for French survival phrases you'll be

surprised at how far a little French

will go now before we jump in remember

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with basic etiquette the French are

extremely hospitable and phrases of

gratitude and those related are used at

an extremely high frequency during your

travels in France while you may not get

the chance to use the French phrase for

your welcome often there is a very good

chance that you'll hear it in French

your welcome is delita Divya let's break

it down by syllable do see ya now let's

hear it once again dil kiya the first

word the means of let's hear it one more

time the and duh this is followed by via

which in French is nothing yeah II and

via so altogether we have dil diya

literally this means of nothing and is

similar to the phrase it's nothing in

English another way of responding to a

phrase of gratitude is your ruse on

please which means you're welcome in a

more formal way than delay young is your

ruse on plea let's break it down by

syllable sure hmm so

now let's hear it once again yavuz on

play the first word yo means I let's

hear it one more time yeah and yeah this

is followed by mu which in French is you

or to you and woo so to recap here we

have ja vu literally this means I to you

let's take a look at the next word Oh

which means of it all and all this is

followed by pleash which in French is

something like prey please see and so

altogether we have your booze on please

literally this means I pray of it which

is similar to by all means and don't

mention it the different ways to say

you're welcome in french very on context

and this can get a little complicate­d

however if you stick to these two

phrases you will have your bases covered

use dilya in more informal settings such

as between friends and reviews on please

in more formal settings such as in shops

or on the street ok to close out today's

lesson we'd like for you to practice

what we've just learned I'll provide you

with the English equivalent of the

phrase and you're responsibl­e for saying

it out loud in French you'll have just a

few seconds before I give you the answer

so bun shawls that means good luck in

French ok here we go you're welcome

Dahlia Dahlia Dahlia you're welcome

in by all means give us all p je vous

sont pas de ja vu zombie this is the end

of today's lesson be sure to check out

the vocabulary lists with audio and the

learning center at French pot

also ask us a question in the forum or

leave us a comment see you soon a


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