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Hey - aha what am i n-woo

hey I prepared I'm en Mumma welcome to Sun Zhongshan highly

the fastest easiest and most fun way to

learn Chinese in the last lesson we'll

learn the phrase in quite sure humor do

you speak English you mentioned the word

chin well which means excuse me in

formal Chinese but this isn't the only

way to say excuse me or I'm sorry in

Chinese you will have to use different

words in different situations

don't worry it will be very easy this

lesson we're going to learn how to make

a proper apology in Chinese the

expression chin one that we learned in

the last lesson is used when asking a

question for example simple Hannah

Montana excuse me where is Tienanmen

chin one young man sign our first word

is team one or excuse me

then comes a place in this case here and

then next we have site this is a word

like the English look at it last we have

nerve which means we're go together it

means something like excuse me gentleman

located where she won here Montana and

fun way to say excuse me is - how easy

who how easy who we have seen before and

means something like not next we have

how which means good finally we have

easy which means that all together we

get something that means not good

thought but which perhaps could be

translated as it is thoughtles­s of me

who how easy we can use prove how easy

when asking a question or one

apologizin­g all

this process can be used or either

excuse me or I'm sorry

but if you really want to apologize for

something it might be better to use a

different phrase that phrase is to a

foot see it means I'm sorry and can be

used in both formal and informal

situations do a poo gee this is so

common that you should learn it all as

one phrase and not worry about breaking

it down to a pussy this is used as alpha

as the precious here is to show

appreciati­on now it's time for your nose

tips please remember that in Chinese if

you accidental­ly bump into someone

we don't say excuse me chin one instead

say three pussy are you able to count in

Chinese in the next lesson we'll learn

the numbers in Chinese from one to ten I

will be waiting for you in our next

something Draheim lesson session

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