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may help no hi Olivia

hi everybody I'm Olivia welcome to

Cantonese class 101 comms

san Tong Zhong Guang dong hua the

fastest easiest and most fun way to

learn Cantonese in the last lesson we

learned the phrase how easy nasal second

wingman excuse me do you speak English

we mentioned the word Holy See which

means excuse me in this lesson we're

going to learn how to use Holy See and

other words when apologizin­g in

Cantonese we should use Holy See in

formal situations such as when we're

talking to or asking a stranger for help

for example how easy yep how heiping

excuse me

where is the entrance Holy See they tied

you know go die excuse me you're

stepping on my back sometimes we also

hear people say God as mentioned in

lesson 2 guy means thank you but it also

means excuse me is used to draw

somebody's attention it is commonly used

when ordering food or pushing your way

through a crowd we can use this phrase

in both formal and informal speech guy

yeah boy he tonight huh excuse me a cup

of hot milk tea please

God either excuse me please let me


but unlike Holy See we cannot use guide

when apologizin­g so when you do

something bad remember to put on that

sorry face and use Holy See Holy See no

y'all see though

sorry I'm late again Holy See can be

used for either excuse me

or I'm sorry but if you really want to

apologize for something it might be

better to use a different phrase that

phrase is don't chew it means I am sorry

though mmm chew

for example dome G not al enjoinable

Dino sorry I broke your computer

now it's time for Oliver's insights if

you accidental­ly bump into someone in

Hong Kong you can say how easy excuse me

or time gee I'm sorry but never God are

you able to count in Cantonese in the

next lesson we will learn the numbers in

Cantonese from one to ten I will be

waiting for you in the next lesson of

something John Walton one hat cking

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