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tarah got sea turtle hello ciao even

wetter or model a Jacob Jacob and we

here with a different video from other

views that you've seen on this channel

and we're going to talk about swear

words this I get asked the one thing I

get asked the most from all students

online and at the university is swear

words and usually I don't teach them

because I really don't use that many

swear words myself so this video warning

going to show up somewhere this video is

totally inappropri­ate so don't watch it

if your child don't want you here work

don't watch it if swear words bother you

I don't know what we're gonna get with

him I'm concerned so we might get to

places that you don't want to be ok sir

but you learn a lot of Italian words

that could come in handy if you like to

swear and yeah

alright so first of all study off

lightly I say something that I say all

the time is bug on all the time

every time I set my toy I just like

wrong I say oh my god

okay this one is kind of an easy one

because Italians would we we always say

it one word you know in english you

might say bugger you might say off shit

whatever this one that I'm going to tell

you is going to cover all those

incidents where you two like butter are

you sure it's harder people suck shit

but it's cleaner

I suppose we just say castle capital

Castle means dick literally but we just

use it instead of shit as in when you

use a shit about it

yeah so that's that's what we say got

some cotton a level of inappropri­ateness

it's not proper enough that you can't

use it at work for example but it's not

too bad

like you know people say to each other

all the time it's not too bad

taking it up a notch oh yes fuck is the

next one something that I would probably

say in front of white people work or

some about happy safe bugger or shit

yeah I guess I like really fuck okay but

it's the same situation like something

that you didn't want to happen happen


fuck council still concepts with cuts I

think yeah what if I was like fuck you -

someone like really just fuck you okay

so but now you're talking to somebody

else right and you know about something

that happened to you guys someone else

here so fun cooler from cooler and

cooler or the full version but fun cool

that's a muffin cool

laughing cool oh yes literally means go

okay from in the bond oh yeah a spurt

yeah yeah cool up prefer cooler yeah

laughing cool no no okay cool cool oh

okay yeah anything we use the middle

finger we don't use like any like

England oh it's there a finger yeah okay

cool yeah but that means fuck off you

know fuck you go fuck anything anywhere

any and along the line tip what about

when you say had a situation that you

just didn't agree with you're like

that's fucked up like literally is

fucked up could you have a kiss to where

it really emphasize how fucked up some


is it fucked up because it's wrong with

fucked up because it's totally gross and


are just beautiful okay good okay

because if somebody says something that

it's totally bullshit like yeah

you just talk about again being obsessed

with dick Cassata

somebody said when I can solder they

said something that is a cat saga which

is like totally potion yeah okay so

that's the clean this one is a is

cleaner than cat so it sounds like the

same by a cat so you probably can't say

work I mean cats out it's best if you

don't say but there's nicer words to say

that somebody said something stupid but

capsule I it's it's lost is a level of

offensiven­ess it's it's a bit cleaner

than okay but if you want to say like

fucked up your mmm I'm just realizing it

and it's a lot cleaner than it is

especially I mean the upper to look bad

because I don't swear much like all the

details it but what if you used to

distort out bitch like just calling


okay Oh a dickhead yeah yeah the male

the male would be a dickhead and the

female would be a bigger and so it's not

super bad but still you probably can use

it offensive okay strong so strong so

strong so strong so it's for a man yeah

so here's Thompson CMO hey now you know

and she is a strata okay elements she's

a bitch oh he's a dickhead and strong so

it's a turd it's like a piece of shit

store and so literally but you're

calling somebody that this would should

yeah and it just means dickhead of a


yeah somebody who's not a nice person

Yeah right here um how fancy visit kind

of seifish its I mean they're all swear

words of course you can't use them with

your friends grandma or something you

know it's not too bad strong so it's

totally cool oh cool

yeah but we actually have a word for


yeah and guess what

it includes console test study cut-set

study crap literally head or take so

here this one is isn't a translatio­n

part in English we times a dickhead a

lot more than in Italian we'd prefer

strong song but test study cards so it's

something that you could totally use to

insult somebody so testing capital would

be for DK DK yeah and I could shout out

at someone at the holiday yeah yeah yeah

yeah somebody cuts you off and the god

sells my park just because CGC City okay

hey I think that's not as dirty as I

thought that's basic

okay it's worse than that for what do

you have like the epitome of you don't

see you next Tuesday sir see you lose

it's not the end of the video is it I'll

see you next yeah

so I said in English because can't okay

guess what if you're using it as an


we are the elect bitch but it sounds

worse than bitch but it's the same is

bit right your account yeah yeah it's

like an ass bitch pencil oh it's worse

okay um I don't think we have something

like that um yeah because I'll get a few

words that kind of mirroring hell I

don't know

okay so okay spit so bad I can't even

drive it okay speaking of cunt as what

it actually is yeah it was very fancy

way of calling the female can you tell

ya that's a very fancy way to do the

same iranian frame yeah Crimea we also

can use the word instead of Castle if

something goes wrong at you know like

off shit is that cat so you can also say

friend young premier yeah I'll use it I

mean I use castle from aslo swept a

castle you do sometimes but frania some

people use cranium yeah

but it's the same as oh shit you know

but that is the literal translatio­n of


um here's another one cats on it cuts

owner no cuts and everything it's not as

bad as it sounds actually because so cut

swiss dick and cut so an editor means

big dick but you call cat's owner

usually a friend

it's like saying dickhead with love and

affection to a friend oh you're such a

song okay it's not as bad and again

because it's got the word dick so you

can't say you know in some places but

it's not offensive at all like really

cats on it it's of course you if you

shouting and meal

you can make it bad but otherwise just

telling a friend is a ticket and with

all that affection it's not that I don't

quite as bad as the other okay

and I don't know that's very much see

you tomorrow

let me just remove that word from from

underneath us doesn't look that good

yeah this is a much better overlay so if

you want to go to my website where you

usually don't find swear words go to

Italy I believe it is locale and I'll

see you next time alla prossima got

simila choco chow

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