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a little later it's time for another

irregular verb of the weekend and this

week we're taking on another very

important one which is Vedant this means

to become but it's also used in the

future tense for will so if you say I

will be in German you would say if you

BR design so those are the two things

that it's used for the two meanings it

has if you use in the present tense it

means to become so let's get to the

conjugatio­ns it is regular so we have a

fader then we have our two irregular

forms so do whilst not best but whilst

remember the rule that if it's a regular

the first letter changes and if it's an

it changes to an e or an e so this is a

perfect example it's not too vast but do

this and in the same the same following

the same rule it's as the S built

another thing to watch out for is that

in this case even though normally the

ending for SES is a T here because of

the what the original word it stays a d

so it's not built but built so we have

if you've added do whilst as es built

and then after that like usual its

regular so we have via Verdun yeah they

added XIV Adhan so altogether and then

after that you can repeat it Aveda -

whilst es es built via Verdun you've

added the Verdun

okay I hope you were able to repeat that

you might have noticed maybe I confused

you a bit because I just noticed myself

that I pronounced veiled with kind of a

t sound the ending D in German is kind

of in between a DNA T often so it is a D

it's written with a D and again one of

those things if you pronounce it

perfectly correctly you would say build

but just talking freely it sounds more

like a team once you really adapt to the

little bitty details in German

pronunciat­ion you will notice that there

is a difference between the way and

ending D sounds and the way at E or an

ending T sounds for now you won't notice

it but in case you get that far in case

you already are this far you might

notice that thing built

is it a little softer than saying

Phillips so if there was a T it would be

even sharper but as I said as a beginner

you won't hear it and you don't have to

worry about it but it's okay to

pronounce it to you like because that's

what it will sound like from a native

German speaker anyway okay and that

should be all there is to say about this

verb I will see you in another episode

on Tuesday and we'll have another verb

up next Friday

so until then this Dan

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