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so I got seep enter naughty mr. no

videos no quick an American teen k'naan

parla Italiano theorem right yes yes but

the essay you don't speak Italian yeah I

don't like you told ya I don't view time

he speaks Italian yeah Pinto because

he's much like more chocolate yeah I'm

going to show you a bunch of words that

are in other words mm-hmm and that you

probably know because you have them in

English it's just that they don't mean

what you think they mean okay

oh no sin to an extent they do but not

totally alright so and I are tripping up

with I might fix your pronunciat­ion if I

need to but yeah the whole point is or

just to have fun but um do you know this


what is it means to eat outside yeah and

how's it pronounced alfresco yep uh-huh

so it's alfresco alfresco let's go it

doesn't exist in each other

now they are Italian words alfresco but

it means you'll never get a restaurant

in Italy and I'll be right would you

like to dine out first no because the

only time we say alfresco is when you go

to jail and you've been put in jail so

alfresco means to be in jail

okay now fresco means fresh so in theory

it means out in the fresh but we don't

use it it just means to be in jail right


pepperoni ah two things about this we do

so what do you think it is I reckon I

have to finance I better throw my arse

and ever double pepper heavy pepper or

need yes so pepperoni two things

actually one thing because it doesn't

exist in Italian it's not Italian word

so it doesn't identify the salami

because it's not a word just starting

Ernie on the in Japan just harping

little fan yes we eat Ella we have a

word paper on it with an e on the end

yes bye chef two of those you would have

pepperoni so it is a word with only one

P and it's capsicum or bell peppers like

the peppers yeah

along with Austin cats so but so if you

neither you you find a pizza that says

pepperoni it's a very very good sir

there's no salami okay so they're just

different things okay no next one

bolognaise yeah I know then I know it's

like the old fag bar goodness show yeah

good oh okay

so I'm no idea so what is it valla names

yep present ah

it's like the spaghetti sauce all right

good and not good

so pronunciat­ion wise its Bolognese

Bolognese yeah am I gonna try polygons

years yep cool so you got the net


so that's a projection that we don't say

it the way say in English and you tell

me all right and the other things that

it doesn't exist

good so say it in the tiny no but no

Bolognese is a word it means something

that comes from the city of Bologna okay

which in America I believe Bologna we

have here Australian then I follow me we

don't have a lot of our neighborho­od

yeah you don't think that's part of

America yet so I really fight me

yeah but with all your scripts I would

have any little either Bolognese simply

means this from blonde yeah just like

parmigiana okay it means it's from Parma

without another city okay

buy a Bolognese is is something of

somebody from Bologna but that's thing

that you think it's polonaise it's

called ragout goo goo

okay if you want you can say it ragu

alla Bolognese and that's where I think

you get the balloon years from but it's

ragu that's like sauce with meat from a

shop you know like crumpled up meatballs

in tomato sauce yeah

so that's what but if the word is the

ragout which is spelled just in case you

want to learn and then okay look like

one of those oh yeah so that's that's

yeah what you think I already guessed


uh-huh Angie pastor okay so what is it

it is like everything I love to eat it's

like little olives and odda tricks and

like sun-dried tomatoes my cheese's


let's get I guess that's good ya know

there is again I like to snack so uncle

buster you know I've heard it lunch

basket video whatever you call it but

it's an antipasto is simply whatever we

before the main course so you could call

it entree or there whatever you call it


whatever it is bed before you sit down

and if your pasta would actually policy

and it can be anything the reason I

bring it up is some people think that

antipasto is specifical­ly one type of

entree like it's the one with the olives

yeah I mean it was it was a little bit

of a fatality but antipasto could be

anything you could have like an octopus

salad as an antipasto you could you

could have like a really menu you'll be

like I'm too fast and then calories so

yeah it's the name of all entrees yes so

cool it's not one specific one but yeah

mm-hmm next panini yeah

what is it bread great sandwich bread

yeah yeah cool lamp

yeah well panini is usually used in

English to mean a sandwich usually it's

grilled like grilled Center yeah just

crush the end of the cheese inside

panini Nutella is the plural of panino

and panino is just a bun it's like bread

okay yeah so if you say panini it's like

empty bread so you're just gonna have a

roll like that's it it's not as exciting

as it is in English I think well I love

bread so I think we're going to either

way or now and so it is panini yeah

cool that's me doing this up this word

javadi yeah first the pronunciat­ion

mm-hmm gelati so it's a tear lofty

gelati and now in English what is gelati


Oh what do you call honey it's ice cream

but I think it's made with water

yes so I think me would know you talk

about gelati as sorbet

yeah okay whereas jarate in Italian it's

the plural of gelato

it just means ice creams okay so it's

anything and

cold and deliciousn­ess yeah so it's not

just the fruit base or the water base

it's just any ice cream so that's Gela

tall not gelati really but all right

next one Martin okay good luck Ted luck

there and okay what is it in English

it's a coffee with all milk and a bit of

lime on top good and in Italy it's milk

so it gets no caffeine with that it's

just like it's a casa milk okay so if

you go to a cafe and you say what I lack

that they'll be funny but I'll give you

a glass of milk okay just white milk

nothing else not exciting it's really if

you don't drink milk like maybe next one


this one you use right yeah yeah ha so

Bravo Bravo the only difference is that

in English we use we say Bravo at the

end of a performanc­e yeah can I go


yeah whoever's done it right huh now the

thing is that Bravo is a masculine

singular so we only say bravo to men


if it's a woman doing the performanc­e it

is Brava Brava yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

well if it was a bunch of people it's a

bravi okay so yeah that's the only

difference there because it's an


when you're on your instance Bravo

they're only pulling of one guy on stage

yes they don't care about the rest of

the bed

yeah no the woman is thinking like yeah

okay grazie Mille

h VD Amin Osman video and don't forget

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touch oh uh where the other I cannot you

but I think looking at you it still

makes us look like we're not looking at

there we're not with the cameras yeah I

think we kinda like I said I just look

at you then it's like I'm kind of like

coming to this like okay

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