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mama mia oh okay Charlie Godsey

buongiorno sonic recon team in 2018 hey

Jake okay and you may have seen them in

other videos net we've made which you

can find up there on rotation all sorts

of things yeah

now what we're gonna do today - wait I

have a beginner just the way we started

in such a giveaway is that we're gonna

talk about stereotype­s Italian

stereotype­s so these two guys are from

Australia obviously and did I yeah so

we're gonna talk about perception that

you guys have all Italians you know

including me because we're friends so

you know just go with what you know what

you think about Italians in general and

I'll tell you whether it's true or not

oh halfway yeah okay let's start what's

the first ever time that you cannot hit

me with like pasta

yes yeah then it's just everywhere

streets are flowing basil literally

nothing else like you're a bit

reconnaiss­ance just a bit different as a

pasta and then my pasta may get back

into the band the fridge is opened up

and this is posture in the freedoms like

oh yeah

kind of come and get a vessel like

growing out of Saudi oil fields and okay

it's not like in Japan like in Japan

rice is for breakfast lunch and dinner

whereas in Italy pasta is only for lunch

and dinner so we're not breakfast yeah

so yeah yeah we actually I eat for

breakfast if it's not possible pizza oh

yeah response and biscuits and haha yeah

okay okay even get open croissants they

stood waiting no no we couldn't connect

oh oh yeah it's like the idea comes oh

yeah so um so pasta yeah we have it most

people would have pasta once a day for

lunch or for dinner and this you know if

not both by at least one meal uh as far

as having a lot of pasta yes I mean

demands a lot but what I'm saying is

like we don't have a pasta maker we

bypass them all the time well hardly I

make it

grandma makes your fantasy tea grandma

makes it on the weekend maybe by a point

we buy it you know it's like Eli your

buddy love to make sure I get to go like

yeah we do like at night I can get it

it's not every day okay so pasta we eat

it every day but it's not as bad as you

think okay okay okay okay no it's good I

go there now I'm gonna have passed the

base desserts for example like you know

with rice you have rice desserts

yes reading you will have passed the

desserts you know they say it's not

everywhere just pass them whenever you

want pasta which is every day yeah next

my head everyone's driving your best


oh I totally hit really yeah with my mom

for sky we dry scooters a lot yeah now

Vespa is not the only one we have like

mopeds Google branch is firstly the

brand young Sean you have Joy's the

brand and best buys the model okay

but yeah so yeah bye yeah we drive

scooters a lot because there's a lot of

traffic and you know petrol is expensive

like Granier and we drive Vespa like

crazy so I can't say that everybody

drives it but yes we we've all been on a

vest but especially yes cool next hmm

what's happening up here and with girls

there are here both man and hair here

well not Lebanon here me and it just

kind of joins like up to here and then

you just kind of lose it so we are like

are you saying that we are here you know

you said we are like what I'm leaning

towards yeah razor babes yeah look it's

we are definitely hairier than

anglo-saxo­n okay yeah I mean there's a

percentage of the population that is

hairy on their back but no it's not like

a common thing like its owner that other

cultures are not hairier than are then

Italian culture so we had a tech nerd a

lien guy just look at the father and see

what he can to get spies gonna hear yeah

don't a god

so yes we're hairy but it's and some

people some men are hairy all over but

that's not too bad I mean it's I'm a

buddy I'm a good example of the typical

hairy man so I'm Harry but they're not

you know mom's same as you like it's

yeah yeah I can my back I'm not hearing

my backs up here I'm more standard go

with the skin there in ten yes Oh times

brought a good tan yeah so girls do you

think something girls are hairy because

Americans think they thought I'd be more

like French like I don't

oh is that as well yeah yeah Vanessa I

could Tony the lady behind yeah Italian

talents in general we are obsessed oh

they are I'm not terrible I am but we

are obsessed with appearance okay so you

find that Italians 10 or they go to the

solarium they have a 10 all the time

it's artificial you know they have a 10

all the time they want to look good and

so girls and boys are very well-groom­ed

ok and girls are actually obsessed with

removing hair so unlike the French

stereotype is that women have shaved

armpits okay so it's only women would

not have you know hairy armpits but this

I actually agree with you because we are

a darker it's just not visible let's

because every girl gets a little bit but

it's fine it is just dark so we got

darker people in Germany we have a you

know there's a ton is a white of the new

wheel I feel like the fashion yeah

definitely like there's not a single

presence no wearing a label no I am into

the goal yeah like something so far this

is the only stereotype that it's a 100%

trick yeah I had to leave Italy because

I wasn't fashionabl­e yeah I got in

because I gosh man from Italy so yeah


that's one percent true Italians spend

all of the money on labels and

appearance and fashion and they all

dress so nicely so yeah definitely

fashion is one percent true yeah ok

everybody'­s well dressed you are

pre-much almost always you know probably

dressing for Italy

me you everybody will I'm gonna be like

waiting for hours in Italy for people to

get ready or which I'm gone here um yeah

it's got two more hours

oh yeah thank you getting ready do you

have a stereotype that attends a late oh

well that's more for either come or

South American I thought but I have

noticed with some of our friends that

sometimes they're like yeah I'm so why

do I live in late I should wear watch

how much a long time I don't have a

watch yeah here's a paper it's a fake

watch fashioning yeah except um he

talents are a little usually a little

bit late so it's totally okay to be 5 to

15 minutes late it's kind of extra I

believe I should be late hey the more

you move south the boy the fashionabl­e

becomes half an hour or an hour overall

yes we are a little bit less punctual

like as a culture I mean you know again

II some people are punctual some people

in general how was your question

oh my lateness yeah yes we tend to be a

little bit later than we should be

yeah not too bad I get there from when I

went to room 3 Julie I've got a bit of a

sleazy oh oh yeah we all want to try the

end times Kabaddi I did quite a few

young gentlemen trying various interests

then it got a little bit uncomforta­ble

this one is also true it's a very true

sterotype italians man don't know man

yeah yeah yeah yeah it's only man we are

that kind of person who will whistle hey

baby how will she know tell us she's

good yes if you're a girl take it as a


and if they'll do it to you don't take

it it's not about oh but yes something

that is really different in Australia

for example in many other countries I

visited that this stunning girl a


huh this stomach girl works fast and the

guys completely ignore it doesn't mean

we're looking all right

in Italy if it a looking girl or a

looking guy walks past people will

comment to their face like they will

tell you right now it's like it's not

seen as one of course that it can be


rudely or can be a add on its context

lightly you know so you know if that's

our in some sexual words like you know

this stuff that they would do to you

that's rude if they're just it's a

compliment then it's it's a with Saul I

mean it's totally normal in its not sure

yet any other how many times they get

some good sides it's not like rushing

this a confuses me so much we kiss twice

okay fine you which said you start

expecting you're both going to the bed

face and your teachers you know twice

once once once checking up I personally

in my region is that is look either it's

so different for region from reading to

it but I start by I all right give me

the go yeah guys kiss - oh hey yo it's

not a it's not a guideline now we'll

rest of it when we meet strangers we

shake hands even to women whereas here

in in Australia where the kiss yeah okay

in Italy we shake hands when we meet


okay we shake hands we don't hard we

don't kiss unless you know tomorrow when

you know somebody guys will kiss okay I

mean never certain okay just do this you

know the story ways of seeing your

friends and their business take a bite

firstly good it's like cheek to cheek in

here really the touch here not here yeah

so I offer my right side right - right

that's overdue right yeah and let apart

from being a personal yeah like I think

I'm not about kiss as much as other

Italians that would do it's also

regional so yeah nice hugger you are not

mugger yeah yeah some joining everyone

should hug in this world

definitely it's some regions they kiss

three times I think

okay I'll say about the industry the

kiss the time but I'm sure you take

defense barbecue all right amigo mio

types British everyone yeah

I thought everyone theirs yeah religion

okay well okay so technicall­y speaking


as it becomes more multicultu­ral of

course there's different religions yeah

but traditiona­lly Italians are Roman

Catholic so the no Protestant­s that no

Baptist there's nothing else but

Catholicis­m hence the big families but

are Italians religious not really yeah

you'll find them even yes as more anti

religious or entirely to people than any

other country in the world they're very

very entire religion unless they're

religious okay again they're really

quite Vatican is a city I never once

thought about obviously yeah but it's

the reason why I like it all ends up

mostly now of course you know I'm not

trying to offend anybody I mean but I

don't know any leaves none of the Rhino

are religious but having said then most

Italians would have a cross here they

would like have a necklace with a cross

they would sometimes even save religious

things but they actually not religious

and that's because it's part of the

culture we are brought up in a Catholic

culture all right magazine yet yeah I

hope you enjoyed the episode did you

guys every time you clean up a few so

little fight a few others definitely


pasta eating fashionabl­e late people

yeah yes alright got simulit cha-cha-ch­a

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