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I knew Mary italiani Italian numbers

sorry gasps see

so no Manu a Chris waiting click made

easy today we are looking at numbers

we're actually starting a whole series

on numbers that's not it's not a very

easy topic and numbers are so important

so today we're looking at the easy ones

the ones that you probably know which

are the ones from 0 to 10 but I'm sure

there's something that you learn so

let's start with the first one zero zero

okay and then we go on with you know you

know very petty you know like the card

game Uno or unity do it do it is in do

it do it

Trey Trey triple Trinity stuff like that

okay or triplets Quatro Quatro okay

careful with the spelling here Quattro

Cinque Cinque Cinque where say say set a

set like September which used to be the

seventh month auto auto October Nova

Nova a

DHE DHE careful with the pronunciat­ion

here there's a few vowels okay so let's

that's it for now so let's repeat them

quickly and as they appear on the screen

I'll get you to say them along with me

let's start with zero uno due tre

Quattro Cinque say sette Otto nove DHE

perfecto bravissimo okay so what number

is this set the venom how about this one

here Trey Trey see a crystal do it do it

how about the

one Cinque Cinque why am I doing this

because it's the chin so you could do

Cinque Cinque if you have a hard time

rememberin­g okay a questa Quatro Quatro

uno uno mini steamer how about this one

DHA DHA perfect urbanism okay so that's

it for now I'm going to let Sione h VD

Amin el próximo video and see you in

the next video where we're going to look

at the most difficult numbers in any

language I can think of they are the

numbers between 11 and 20 Chopin

al-fatah pick a pattern quickly and

easily speak Italian well in Italy Italy

me easy


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