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I know it what should I do advise alone

become a pin my still ain't here what is

it get germanized the new year's

resolution­s tag my first Goethe faucets

Willis no yeah is three more books man

boo chalets and have all these books and

I haven't read any of them i have

started here Mockingjay but apart from

that nah so me officially isn't

definitely hmm do you have any books

that you haven't read it and then you

won't read in the new year tell me in

the comments below my spider Goethe

faucets for the new year is Mancunian

exercise more here I admit I've been a

little bit lazy then now and did like

the last three months but I'm getting

there I'm getting there again I promise

next year yeah nice this yeah then I'll

start working out again that is my

second resolution what's yours mine did

i goota falls at shooters no idea is

kizuna Essen eat healthier I gotta admit

that I'm still in love with chips and

with everything that's unhealthy so yeah

I will try to reduce that were minimal

to maximize the banana and orange intake

mm-hmm and of course other veggies and

fruits yeah good stuff only good stuff

mine feat I do that for that still has

no idea is me a video stylish bien I

have all these games same with the books

I get and I just yeah haven't played

them yet am i have started some like

build two souls red dead redemption

actually have started all of them but

just didn't finish any so yeah I got to

do that because they also might just

can't find the time who got the time to

play his video games these days who I

don't know to you my friend Goethe

faucets further snowiest now goobers a

rise in to travel overseas so that could

pretty much mean anything but in

specific i want to go to Australia

because blue is gonna return to

australia in February and that means we

are gonna be apart and I don't

that's how we're going to go without

each other for a few months and then I'm

going to go to you as a overseas and

hopefully in the future obviously other

places is a little cut from Walt Disney

World in Florida and haven't been there

yet and someone sent me this same with

this Epcot guide made me really jealous

and then definitely will go there in the

future so look out Disney World you will

be germanized last but not least mine's

ecsta hooter faucets food as Noah

English did you get germanized community

Ferguson on Vita Hindi douche paratha

unquote with a blatant I want to grow

the get germanized community and

continue to spread the German language

and culture those were my German new

year's resolution­s what are yours you

are now tag this is a great opportunit­y

to practice your German in German tell

me in the comments below what your new

year's resolution­s are perhaps it's just

on that door too far better to improve

your German or if you really want to

challenge make a video response and post

the link to it in the comment section

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here thank you for watching fee and

young few Susan don't forget to get

germanized floor by napkin and I'm gonna

watch hence no yeah

those were my German Christmas Christmas

resolution­s what is the Christmas

resolution eat more chocolate haha yeah

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