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Okie Dokie Artichokie. Let’s talk about a holiday. Hey everybody, welcome back to

weekly words. My name is Alisha and today, we are going to talk about a holiday.

Today’s holiday is Labor Day.

Labor Day, Labor is another word for work. It’s a work appreciati­on day. There are

a lot of Labor Day sales.

Wow the next phrase is trade unions. Unions and people and employers and people in the

industry have agreements with union members like regarding pay or regarding how long they

can work or certain benefits. So for some people belonging to union maybe can ensure

that they had you know, certain number of benefits. Trade unions can be very beneficial

to workers.

Next is minimum wage. So minimum wage refers to the lowest legally allowable wage or the

lowest legally allowable pay in your country or in your state. So I believe in America,

there is a federal minimum wage meaning all over the country, this is the lowest that

it can be and then I think that states as well, individual states have a state minimum

wage. It says the minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour. It can’t be any lower than

that legally but it might be a little bit higher in some other states depending on their

laws. In a sentence, working for minimum wage can be really, really difficult.

The next word is strike. Simply a strike is refusing to go to work because you are unhappy

with your current work environmen­t. In a sentence, the public transporta­tion workers in my city

are all on strike this month.

Next word is football. Oh okay football is on this list because Labor Day, this holiday

is the beginning of the NFL in college football season. I actually did not know that. I love

watching football every autumn and winter. It’s my favorite sport.

So those are some words and phrases related to Labor Day. You might have a similar holiday

in your country. If you do, tell us about it in the comments. We will see you again

next time for more fun stuff. Bye.

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