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more in detail but would say about a

person like for example hair the hair

Iike Billy la ragazza ah pick up a lil

uzi so the girl has long hair an English


it's uncountabl­e so it's always singular

while in in Italian it's plural so

Capelli lundi lundi well if you want if

you want to say one hair which anytime

you can say all capital o and you mean

just one so um Capello is masculine

singular so one Cabello lungo so

masculine but like when you describe

someone you talk about hair in a plural

like it plural hair explore because you

refer to all the hair the person has on

on his head on his or her head so

Capelli lundi lundi is plural masculine

plural Clooney so the girl has long hair

then I gotcha

a chameleon give same thing with short

called team Gordo the boy has short hair

Eragon so I Iike biblical T so hair is

long short a cappella saloon because the

the car the car for example color of the


for example a cappella so no caste on e

la ragazza Kabila gaston e castano

is like the equivalent

like if you say the chair is brown you

cannot say she has brown hair in Italian

you have to say like the equivalent

adjective that means Brown basically but

it's not brown its Castano Eleni

Copernicus tani and basically means she

has got brown hair but it's you know you

wouldn't say like a penny Maroney you

have to take a stunning the same thing

for blonde hair the same as in English

she don't say she has yellow hair she

has blonde hair in Italian beyond a

cappella beyond me



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