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Bynum oh thank you good of its advice

just coming back from the doctor and he

said my EKG was good like my heart is

right my lung test was alright but we

have to do another one when I like I'm

under pressure or something like that

riding the bike and running and shit

down the weather's good again but it's

always good in the morning and then when

it like I don't know what what's the

time I think it's like nine something

and in the afternoon everything­'s cloudy

and roomy and Australia it was the exact

opposite it was always sunny in the

afternoon and cloudy in the morning but

it or maybe sometimes even sunny all day

almost most states it was sunny all day

and here you just get the occasional

blue skies and at least during these

this season and then it's shit again

which is sad because I like to sleep in

and I never see this usually not very

nice Leafs turn right over there autumn

is coming winter is coming as well guys

I just received a text message that said

you got mail at your p.o box and that

means the first fan mail ever

no I can always just see like Rick the

meat a big fish and open oh there we go

it's like Harry Potter ok cool I hope

it's not m4x somebody has really neat

handwritin­g yeah samina from England

maybe no I don't think so they are from

York Oh England yeah it is that means

they talk like this I think you've

Deborah and Whitmore that is very nice

we haven't talked in a British accent

when you're talking to her Thanks thank


Nomura and Whitmore the Whitmore it's

best protection a good accent listen the

best british accent i can do is that the

best it is there's pretty much

everything you get for german halloween

just a few shells full of masks and

rubber gloves and it's not even good

quality at all it's that's sad it's

taste on my lip well that's a good

halloween achievemen­t say if you want to

go as a German guys than this just wear

this and the Lots force because in

Germany everyone where cells all the

fuckin time I guess it's like a common

work kind of thing to wear like if you

if you go to work and then like handyman

job whatever energy work a job and you

do that so if you want to be real german

for halloween just wear that cha-cha

kept chatting about a toast good lesson

when DX kids evita up fish myths cuts it

off no John I every morning the same

thing I opened the door she's all

excited he wants to play I play for a

bit she runs off I don't know where she

is I go back inside that's pretty much

every morning this autumn will be

awesome especially since my birthday so

I'm Halloween and it looks like this

it's so much more fun then I'm like I

don't know shit weather in the morning

it's all foggy nice and scary and creepy

and during the day it's all golden and

looks awesome out of Germany i love you

i love you germany it libre de jorge


haha domin heza exhumed is 20 kids I'm

capias can come a little early name

again alla dings he admitted to the

award 20 nyah I like a bloodsucke­r here

I may be met in here what car ice Lasky

know desi vova by the Vantage what's the

book guy fuck up the board girl almost

12 CL now four to six ok that's how it's

more reasonable check it like it's hot

drop alert this pretty much be

celebratin­g my two thousand subscriber­s

you know I haven't really missed the

mark here it's not bad well and already

published you enter your small so

whatever guys this first hedgehog I've

seen a major a hedgehog hello hello this

is an Iggy and hedgehog blue loves

hedgehogs a favorite animal well maybe

one of them famous favorite animals it

might roll up into a ball because it's

scared probably that is a hedgehog I am

eager the cutest eagle I have ever

witnessed here so cute look at it is it

precious or what ein deutscher eg a

German Hedgehog

oh my god it's so cute it is so cute

awake yeah okay sorry hecho first but

you're so darn cute and I hey we

couldn't its label opening to look at

him isn't he adorable and he's girl boy

and his girlfriend horny robot

gingerbrea­d men move of noise when I had

pool upon my face then you said it's

full of advertisin­g space

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