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hi there my name is Ronnie and today I'm

going to teach you a special request a

lesson about British versus North

American English the reason why it is

indeed North American and not just

American is because it includes Canada

the great country and America so British

and North American English are different

in vocabulary expression­s accents and

American and Canadian English are also


so I'm generalizi­ng between British and

North American English um what I've

chosen is car and driving vocabulary for

you so the first one is the exact same

word so the spelling is different so

this one's pretty easy um tire tire yay

tire is the rubber part of the wheel

that rides along the road um the next

one is boots in UK and in North America

trunk all of the words that I've written

in black are British all of the words

that Everton a red are North American

just so you know the secret language

here on the boot or the trunk of your

car is the back storage space where you

can store anything dead bodies alive

bodies suitcases children drunk people

next up we have the bonnet which means

hat and in North America we say hood so

the bonnet or the hood is the front of

the car where the engine hides so when

you go to the mechanic and you have car

problems they open up the hood or the

bonnet and they check your engine the

next one is petrol tank or just the word

petrol we use these

two words differentl­y as well the petrol

tank in the UK we call the gas tank and

this is the hole where you put in the

petrol at the petrol station if you're

in Britain or North America you put it

in the gas tank at the gas station so

petrol and gas are completely the same

thing just different words in the two

continents the next one we have is a

bumper bumper bumper and a fender you

may have heard the expression fender

bender a fender bender means a small

accident in which the rubber part of

your car gets dented which means pushed

in so in the UK would they say bumper

bumper I don't know but definitely if

you say fender bender so the bumper of

the fender are the rubber pieces or the

I don't know what they're made of the

pieces in the front of your car so that

if you hit something you don't die don't

die next thing is we have what kind of

transmissi­on your car has manual or in

North America standard manual or

standard means that you actually have to

shift the gears and it's not automatic

so in Canada and the UK in North America

we say automatic and standard in the UK

they will say manual or automatic

towards the same so manuals you actually

have to shift the gears where fun times

the next one is kind of funny it's cute

blinker or Winker blink made and make me

so the Winker is actually in North

America we say directiona­l signal or you

can just say oh let's see you can just

say signal this is telling the car

behind you in front of you which way

you're going to turn please use these it

really annoys me where people don't use

their directiona­l signals or their

blinker or Winker I think they get it

the word Winker because it's a light

like an eye isn't that cute

the wink or the blinker you have them on

the back in the front of your car and it

tells you like I said it's a little

light that comes out it goes I'm turning

this way I'm turning this way I'm

turning this way next thing we have are

one this one is a silencer make things

quiet and in North America we say a

muffler a muffler or the silencer

attaches all the beautiful exhaust pipes

and noises that come from the engine and

they make them quiet sometimes cars can

have different crazy kinds of mufflers

so it makes themselves really really

loud or really really annoying as the

case may be if you lose your muffler

there's a hole in your muffler your car

sounds really loud so that's why they

call it a silencer that makes sense but

muffle or silence means to make quieter

so both of them make sense the next ones

are actually names of cars or vehicles

and Road roadwork or rogue things that

are going to be different if you're in

Britain or North America so the first

one is caravan caravan is the same in

English as a trailer in America not so

much Canada there are many trailer parks

these are portable houses that sounds

strange with their other portable houses

and in Britain they use caravans or

trailers more as a vacation house the

next one is car park and in North

America we say a parking lot this is a

place where you can keep your car

sometimes you have to pay for it if

you're lucky it's free not in Toronto

though the other one is a lorry hmm a

lorry is a truck in North America we

usually call a transport truck a big

five wheeler truck that you see in the

highway but a lorry can be like a

delivery truck or a minivan that is used

for business so a lorry needs a truck

they say the motorway okay they meaning

them people over there in North America

we say a highway and in America they say

a toll highway which means they have to

pay when they go on the highway um next

one that's kind of interestin­g is

crossroads crossroads we say as an

intersecti­on but we do actually use

cross roads but when it's out in the

country so in the city and in smaller

towns we say in intersecti­on where two

roads meet in Britain they're going to

say cross roads we do use cross word

roads however in North America if it's

not in the city interestin­g next one is

the high street let's have a shop along

the high street in North America we say

Main Street and some of them are called

Main Street actually ironic no the last

one is pavement when we think of

pavement in North America we think of

concrete but in the UK they think of it

as the place that you walk on

we call it the sidewalk because it's

beside the road so it's not good to say

I was walking on the road if you walk in

the road you're going to get hit by a

car a truck or lorry so please walk on

the sidewalk or the pavement please be

careful and have fun



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