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how long become a pin my silene send you

watching get germanized best of german

slang episode 2 I do advise this video's

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descriptio­n alright then let's get

started and learn some german slang

first up does Martha different from the

buffer where you get support from the

government the mofford is a financial

support you get from your parents do you

so to use it in a sentence save a schema

becomes too English perfect nine months

living off on math work hey what's up

say do you get government support no man

I only live from mum support next up a

dare Dom indeed the lady sword this is

trim slang for the clitoris and here's

how you can use it 01 d item aditya

sanusha of narbonne pleasing and

damaging oh man the chick that I slept

with last night had a massive lady sword

next up each game it mine I'll attend

when Lionel a tournament me dionis

anatov a nerd at how she's just engaging

via I go with my lantern my lantern goes

with me over there say tavern that's

where he'll swap it for per year that's

basically how you use it it's just a

modified version of the st. Martin song

that they sing the kids saying during

the procession with the lanterns in

Germany non extreme slang term is thus

on mogali sure under board to the moral

offer this is sometimes used a slang for

sleeping with someone in exchange for

money services or other material goods

and here's how you can use it in a

sentence mine assassin at my guest and I

known malicious anger bergamot the third

honking device sure ice

I poss made me an immoral offer

yesterday race in exchange for you know

what next up deer horn oxer the horn ox

or oh this is german slang for an idiot

and here's how you can use it joke

should be another cups me IDI fan pasta

by noon in cats nice cut some guy nigga

he goes Bruce to name them cruel iswhat

all nights and pasta to find out the

horn arcs there that's rusted a Zacks

they give them out kinds in i use the

cad cleaners toothpaste again i can't

what good cleaner the big brush next to

the toilet what that and why is

toothpaste you damn idiot what you

saying there doesn't make any sense at

all next german slang word is PP while

PP is often used for German children to

describe p well it is also slang for

easy and here's how to use it in a

sentence the edge closu by a mile HPP

yeah to time the english exam was really

easy yeah totally next up d Klimt knife

fighter the plumbers crease on crack you

probably already know what this word is

used for when the plumber kneels down

the moon goes up and you can see deke

lemna fighter the plumbers crack and

here's how to use it in a sense which

must make sue Christie I smart I know go

to aisle 2 clip nuh Fighter II you know

what really gets me going no good old

plumber's crack you that's it for this

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much for watching don't forget to get

germanized goodbye and thou Vitas a

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