- язык как инструмент познания мира


this is a video about basic introducti­on

to Turkish as you know Turkish is in a

different language group is different

from indo-europ­ean languages and as a

result it is a different world it's an

altered language group and where does

the name attack language come group come

from it comes from the Altai mountains

in Central Asia meaning gold mountains

in Turkish and here is a map of the

Altai mountains it starts from the north

of China passes through mongolia

kazakhstan and ends in Russia and the

Altaic languages has three groups Turkic

mongolic and Manchu tumors and when I

was a student usually Finnish and

Hungarian were related to Turkish but

right now the general trend is Japanese

and Korean is actually rate at the

Turkish languages I don't know but I

think it needs further studies for that

and this is a list of the Alltech

languages and it includes Turkic

mongolic and Manchu Tungus group and you

always hear that Church come from

Central Asia and it is assumed that

Turks have always inhabited the western

part of the Central Asia not in the

middle and

this is a sample of the old Turkish

script written all in all Turkish

alphabet nowadays you know we use not

enough of it but before that at the

ottoman times there we used a variety of

Persian Arabic script that was

transforme­d for Turkish and in general

you will hear that Turkish is an

agglutinat­ive language and this is a

slide about what ugly - native language

means why is why Turkish is related to

finish and Japanese and this is a list

of the common Turkish languages and in

this channel you will learn Anatolian


and about Turkish grammar typical Santos

order is subject-ob­ject-verb but it

can't change and there's no gender in


he/she it is the same and Turkish is

made up of suffixes and those suffixes

change with vowel harmony so is why it

is hard at first but there is some logic

in the language so it's not so hard

when you get used to it and the major

advantage of Turkish is it is read as

it's written so this is these lights are

about the advantage of Turkish which I

found in somebody's blog and and then

disadvanta­ges about Turkish yeah it's

not in the European it's a different

world you have to get used to it but

it's not that hard and there are many

words from European languages and Arabic

words and Persian words and semantics is

different yes one word means lots of

things so you can you just first

understand the sentence then you can

understand what that word means and yes

words can get along when suffixes are

added to it

so good luck with Turkish Greg

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