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hey what do you miss about the u.s.

advice and local join us again hello an

NMR and this is my Park is it somewhere

there's an Emma Park you we shall

explore it it's a poem about the evening

there are guys it's funny and I think

this might be art as someone you meant

for something says something on it

probably who found it or something like

that ah those are the people who donated

to maybe make the park nicer I don't

know there's Bambi what's the mother

super super Christian Oliver be what CJ

I be English what's the English word for

the kids guys it's looking at us that's

cute we don't want to kill you don't


players here now too when she got ice

cream as well schmeckt Edina ice cream

and you don't like a retarded person

Becca hmm yeah where's Emma and it's

Emma um zoo hahaha course it is i don't


tuna yeah

look who finally found us Tim I know how

was the museum yeah a little exhibition

but the continents really nice I

actually been there maybe I thought

maybe they have new stuff or something

but this is this is the the one guys if

you ever want to go Uber's a museum is

called the overseas museum hello look

guys they actually have a Christmas

store vinearts climate Christmas dreams

here in game I'll call us that as it's

Christmas in here all year round nice

who's a good doggie

look at the stairs there they go from

the second window to the upper window

out what you use those for to get from

one floor to the next why an old

telephone booth here afin de entrega

public like distance speaker so he wants

to explore another le there i think back

where we came from my old that one nice

that's the minibus who you attended yeah

cool tim has to leave to Amsterdam and I

have to go to Amsterdam but it has been

lovely to meet you it was very cool very

cool yeah and you guys what about you

guys you stay in your leaving no okay

what listen I'm a posh you okay all in

one dish washing we say in German like

to solve many other things at once no

one will i buy have a good trip players

to say goodbye to go back to Scott one

yeah glass class Carl right glasgow

that's our is it was lovely meeting you

though with love with me yes come back

next time i'll let you know when we are

in Glasgow nice I share one else's

my bucket glasgow let's come sit

Scotland I'd really got that Scottish

Courtland Courtland all right then we

are in oldenborg having a barbecue are

about to have a barbecue the weather is

kind of strange today as it was in the

last couple of days as well actually

just rain sun sun and rain and then

nothing and then rain so now we have all

the stuff here so hopefully we will be

spared the rain we'll see i usually do

all the grilling I've never seen a girl

River this is exciting that's Michael

Jackson fear that's a pretty good good

job what kind of salsa reasons Indian

sorcery what do you miss about the US

and don't worry time all the freedom

besides created my I just walk into a

restaurant I've having a knowing that

I'll walk in at someone from there he'll

tell me

genuine nice big some let you know is

fate I'm afraid another culture now

we're being filmed talking about what's

better about America and now we're gonna

get from it and it's free worry we have

free refill at subways yeah I mean I

don't miss subway yes buddy else isn't


we're watching a soccer football live

know deutschlan­d for night work Emily

and I and to YouTube gym in the

background there we're also what can't

see right now we are also live streaming

on periscope so if you ever want to

watch something on periscope follow me

at to vo KO actually now I change the

name to get germanized and the stream is

down and it's all Tim's fault Tim second

office probably started now what you

have to say for yourself no Matt did not

you watch the general gosh that's what's

the children they will they'll say many

mean things about from what Tyrion me

back whoo surgery lost and juju Thomas

yeah it's heavily and then researched

like Germany wasn't that bad and Justin

score any goals oh my fault and what

yeah I know it was bad because they

didn't win it wasn't that bad but they

weren't good either I mean not not good

enough what's really sad shut up look at

that guy's the whole YouTube space party

is underwater and look at the rain

coming down wrong there

sane the after party is over and it was

absolutely amazing lots of cool people

lots of knowledge game today and

tomorrow will be the 360 degree camera

seminar and hopefully going to be good

as well as never actually filmed with

one myself and never edited the video so

it should be cool we're right in front

of the YouTube space actually the circus

halli Galli is filmed here as well if I

get murdered thanks for the views it's

um Kanaka field hello you fix our agent

what are you doing I'm gonna take a

video vlog take over Dominic oh I'm

underlit I'm on donation the cool thing

about this one is you can till the

screen right I can see what that one is

it but then how do you stop looking at

yourself why I just realized you're

recording widest it so you're obviously

getting put on the block oh I

immediatel­y regret dude you didn't see

much oh my god open his little mouth and

it was with you why is it only one


usually morning survival of the fittest

see the right turn hopes I down we're

playing this castle pump ring I don't

know what it is really is this game way

if to conquer stuff and I'm winning hey

what's you laughs no I am so winning no

looks like oh you're all good this is

all mine all mine not in there and there

are no I am NOT gonna have to just so

you know you lose it I'm gonna document

Tim's to climb the rioters decline of

yes ah that was way too easy all right

my time in Berlin is nearing its end

again it's absolutely amazing they let

me stay in this amazing room look at

that just how pretty so cool and yeah

I'm packing up right now and going back

to blame my fleets bus first the like

fantasy books like a long distance

travel bus and then by home and after

that next weekend there's going to be a

music festival where I live so that's

going to be exciting again thanks Emily

Tim for letting me stay here it's

absolutely amazing what you do every

time to make mature it very special so

thank you having some very important

thank you later Kevin but love the video

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